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EOS Dublin

EOS Dublin

EOS Dublin is an EOS Block Producer Candidate based in Dublin, Ireland.

Their motto is "Let's build something great together."


Core Values

EOS Dublin has four core company values: Independence, Honesty, Integrity, and Education.

[-1] Independence means they are completely self-funded.

Sharif Bouktila and Sam Noble each own 40% of the company with the remaining 20% being set aside for employee rewards.

Education means they share what they have learned with the broader community and serve as an entry point for those new to blockchain and the EOS network.

This is realized through their online education platform, bootcamp.

[-1] Honesty means they are transparent about their goals and integrity means they follow through with their commitments.


EOS Dublin Technical Architecture

EOS Dublin Technical Architecture

The EOS Dublin Team consists of five core team members.

[-1] Sharif Bouktila serves as the organization's CEO and has almost two decades in professional IT experience.

[-1] The CTO Sam Noble has a background in systems architecture.

[-1] Issac Peterson in in charge of Design and Marketing and is based in Bend, Oregon.

[-1] Jessica Hammerman, PhD, is in charge of Marketing and Editorials and has experience as a historian, writer, professor, and editor.

[-1] Furthermore, Benny Li serves as a Special Advisor and is an expert in blockchain business strategy and cryptocurrency investment.

[-1] Jillian Godsil is an executive board member and also serves as the host of the Ignition podcast.



****EOS Bootcamp is the free online university for blockchain and specifically the EOS network.

[-1]As of this writing there are more than 70 courses on bootcamp and more than 500 enrolled students.

Bootcamp offers certificates in EOS Governance [-1]and Technical Achievement [-1]offered by Blockgenic.io.

Bootcamp courses are taught by a number of block producers and there are sequences in many languages, including: French [-1], Arabic [-1], Korean [-1]and Chinese [-1].


The Ignition platform is an ecosystem for application developers and their users.

[-1]It is called the "App Store for EOS" and will serve as center to easily browse and install apps on the EOS network.

It will also serve as a support system for new applications, allowing app developers to get technical help connecting to the blockchain and support airdrops by new applications through the spark token.

The spark token is the native token on the ignition platform.

It facilitates airdrops and creates a system by which users can exchange unwanted airdrops within the ignition system.

It affords greater engagement between application developers and potential users.

Users can earn additional tokens by serving as beta testers for new applications.

Ignition offers other services for developers, such as translation, design, mentorship, and the creating of beta test communities.

spark token emblem


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Parachute is the airdrop system within the ignition platform.

[-1]Parachute affords better token distribution in that it facilitates deeper engagement between token holders and developers.

Native spark tokens can be traded for specific tokens on the ignition platform similar to an exchange.

Ignition Podcast

The Ignition Podcast, called Blockchain for Business, is hosted by Jillian Godsil.

Its tagline, announced as a catchphrase at the beginning of each episode is: "No price talk and no lambos!" It is an interview format and has featured many prominent EOS application developers and other contributors to the EOS network.

Funds for the future of EOS

EOS Dublin operates two funds, one for powering projects on the EOS blockchain and the other for supporting EOS social events.

The EOS addresses of these funds are dublininvest and dublinsocial.

The investment fund directs 20 percent of EOS Dublin's block producer rewards into new projects on the EOS blockchain.

The social fund directs 10 percent of EOS Dublin's block producer rewards.

These funds are distributed through direct application.

email hello@eosdublin.com in order to apply.

Several social events and projects have already received funding.


In addition to their work on the EOS mainnet, EOS Dublin are block producers for the WORBLI chain.

They were founding contributors to Chintai.

They are partners on the site, airdropsforeos.

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