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Emma Vigeland

Emma Vigeland

Emma Vigeland is a television host and producer for The Young Turks. She is the primary host of TYT Politics.[6]

Early Life & Education

Emma Vigeland attended Kent Place School in Union County, New Jersey.[5] She then graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor's degree in Government & Law. She wrote her honors Thesis on Campaign finance reform in the United States.[5][6]


Emma Vigeland began her post-college career working as an intern for The Young Turks; she was a fan of the online news show and followed Cenk Uygur closely. Two months later, she became a political correspondent for the company.[6]

She is now the primary host of TYT Politics, as well as the producer for the channel. She, along with her colleagues, report on political corruption, interviews candidates, and covers grassroots progressive movements across the United States.[6]

Personal Life

Emma Vigeland is a fan of the New York Giants and New York Rangers.[6] She enjoys reading up on Celebrity Gossip and watching awards shows.


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