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Edward Dubinsky

Edward Dubinsky

Edward Dubinsky is a resident of Warwick Township, Pennsylvania a town near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He worked as a Mortgage Advisor for Absolute Home Mortgage Corp in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. He appears to have been very dedicated to his job.

Although he was the official boyfriend of Zannatul "Asha" Naim according to his neighbor, it appears that Jeffrey Thomas Gould was also involved. Asha and Jeffrey worked together and also lived together. Therefore, the slaying of Ed was part of a passionate love triangle with unanswered questions.

Ed was inspired by his client that he would too like to find a woman he could marry and fall in love with, and unfortunately it wasn't Asha.


On July 14, 2016 Edward Dubinsky was fatally shot in the head by Jeffrey on his porch on the 2600 block of Virginia Lane in Warwick Township.

The killing is the first murder in the town in 27 years.

Asha was taken into custody and Jeffery surrendered to police on July 20, 2016. Jeffery has been charged with murder and related offenses. Asha has not been charged at this time, and is considered a person of interest.

On July 13 a neighbor of Edward reported to have heard a man and woman shouting at each other and arguing, proceeded by "a loud bang" about 11:30 p.m.

Dubinsky was found dead on the porch the next morning.

A neighbor told police a white Mercedes-Benz later identified as Asha's car left the scene that night. Gould later switched vehicles to a champagne-colored 2001 Chevrolet Silverado with an extended cab before he fled.

Dubinsky and Naim were in an on-and-off again relationship before the homicide, according to various reports.

The murder weapon is described by investigators as a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun.

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Gould after a person he met with when he arrived in North Carolina following the murder told police Gould confessed to killing Asha's ex-boyfriend.

After Police searched Asha and Jeffery's apartment they found bullet casings that matched the bullets from the scene of the shooting of Edward Dubinsky.

Ed's Facebook"about me" says: " I'm inspired by aspiring people. Don't wait for your dreams, reach out and grab them!"[1]

According to his neighbors, he was a nice guy.

Kelli sickles has said that he and Asha would argue and fight alot, and says that his death has something to do with her. "He always said 'I know I can't marry her, so I'm breaking up with her.' And then next thing you know her car would be back," said Sickles. It appears that attempting to break up with her was too late.


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