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Edi Patterson

Edi Patterson

Edi Patterson O'Connor is an American actress, voice actress and writer.

Personal Life

Edi was born in Texas City, Texas. Now she is married to the famous actor, producer, and writer Dan O'Connor since 2003.

Edi presently lives in Los Angeles.


Edi Patterson plays Jen Abbott on Vice Principals on HBO. Her other credits include Black-ish,

Fx's Partners, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, Two Broke Girls, The LEAGUE, Weeds, Californication, and indie Horror comedy You're Killing Me.

Edi is a Groundlings Main Company member, ans she regularly performs there in Improvisation comedy and Sketch comedy shows. She is also a member of Improvisational theatre Impro Theatre, which performs full-length, completely improvised plays.

Edi Patterson is also known for her voices of characters in such movies as Mars Needs Moms, the 1997 Tekken film and for her acting work in Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury and A Thousand Words.

Besides, she is the voice of Rebecca Turnman in the Cartoon Network original series We Bare Bears. In addition to that, she is a guest writer for Saturday Night Live.


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