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Dylan Summerall

Dylan Summerall

Dylan Summerall (born March 25, 1999) is an actor.

Personal Life

Dylan Summerall was born on March 25, 1999 in Dallas, Texas.

He mother's name is Tisha Summerall and his father's name is Jimmy Summerall III.

He has two older brothers named Jimmy Summerall and Hunter Summerall, and a younger brother named Hayden Summerall, who is a singer.

While growing up, Dylan was loved sports, playing football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and running track.

As he grew older, he discovered that he had a love for acting, dancing, singing, playing instruments, and anything that revolves around music.

Dylan began dating actress Brec Bassinger in 2017.

He oftens posts pictures with her on his 'Instagram' page.


He first gained popularity on Tiktok, his official account now has over 350k followers.

Dylan began his acting career when he was casted to play the role of 'David Walker' in the 2013 Christmas family drama 'Angels Sing.' His wonderful performance in the movie paved way for him to do several more acting projects.

He casted as 'Teenage Dean ' in the 2020 movie "Shadows", that same year, he also casted in the movie "Emerson Heights".

Dylan is really passionate about music, he has performed as a DJ at the 'Boys of Summer Tour,' a youth event in the US.

He has his own YouTube channel with a massive amount of subscribers.


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