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Dr. Denise Baden

Dr. Denise Baden

Dr. Denise Baden is a lecturer at Southampton University Business School where she teaches the following courses: Business ethics, Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, New Business venturing, Corporate responsibility, and work psychology. She has been a lecturer at the university for more than 17 years. [1]


After getting her first degree in Academia, she went on to engage with entrepreneurial ventures in different industries running her own business. Throughout the 90s she worked in Publishing and sales. She was involved in Scriptwriting and Films before returning to academia to get her doctorate in Psychology. [1]


She has been part of the Southampton University institution since she earned her first degree in Politics and Economics. After returning from her entrepreneurial ventures, she earned her doctorate in Psychology which was awarded from the institution in 2002.

After getting her doctorate, she joined the Southampton Business School in 2005.

Throughout her stay since working toward her doctorate, she was a teaching assistant.

She has now become a lecturer and associate professor at the university working with MBA students.

Fidel Castro Analysis

On November 26th, 2016, Dr. Baden was invited by the BBC News to provide an informed observation in regards to Fidel Castro's life due to his recent passing. She gives a factual account based on her visits and investigations of Castro as a father figure in the country of Cuba and the respect the people in the older generation display in his efforts to provide Health care and Education to the highest standards. She offers an explanation that the people against Castro and talk awfully about him were the ones who lived through a difficult period during the Cuban embargo and when the Soviet withdrawal of the funds occurred. She says that people also blame the United States embargo against Cuba.

When it came time to talk about Castro's Human rights record, she says, "Most people say they rather live in Cuba rather than Guantánamo Bay". She also gave her testimonies of the freedom of speech the Cuban people exercise daily in public, social circles, and also in Cuban newspapers - they were openly critical of Cuba. She found the people were not oppressed, and that there was much love and praise for Castro. Even the ones critical of his politics felt he was also well-intentioned, and filled with integrity.

Dr. Baden claims that Cuban Americans in Florida have been misinformed. She says that the crimes in any Western country specifically that of the United States does not compare in length to any of the atrocities they have committed. Cuba had to defend themselves against Bay of Pigs and the Assassination attempts on Fidel Castro.

After Dr. Baden gives these responses, the broadcaster then abruptly ends the conversation.


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