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Dr. Claud Anderson

Dr. Claud Anderson

Dr. Claud Anderson is president of PowerNomics Corporation of America, Inc. and The Harvest Institute, Inc, best-selling author and activist.


State Work

Dr. Claud Anderson was State Coordinator of Education for Florida under Governor Reubin Askew during the Tumultuous season of the 1970â€ēs. After productive social change projects in Florida and driving President Jimmy Carter's Florida mission to an accomplishment in the state, Carter assigned Anderson as the Federal Co-Chairman for a Commission of lead agents in the southeast states. Around there (rank of accomplice secretary in the U.S. Part of Commerce), he drove a commonplace commission that upheld and composed financial headway projects for lead delegates in those states.

The fish business, which by then was all wild catch, was a huge region community.

[2] The undertakings he financed made positions and associations in the Southeastern states.

Anderson has taught at all levels of tutoring.

Dr. Claud Anderson was similarly boss head of two monetary improvement organizations for the city of Miami, Florida and a huge coordinator and facilitator for the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta [2].

Business venture

As a business visionary, Dr. Anderson manufactured Waterland Fisheries, Inc. (WFI), a Seafood handling plant he chips away at Maryland Eastern Shore, to go about as a delineation of PowerNomics guidelines. WFI can convey 1,000,000 pounds of live incredible fish yearly in a controlled indoor environment. It is the greatest tank-farming office in Maryland and one of the greatest in the country. Dr. Anderson had ownership in radio stations, including the one he gathered and worked in Tallahassee, Florida,, retail food outlets and private turn of events. [2] Dr. Anderson is moreover head of The Harvest Institute, a comprehensively seen research association that investigates, methodology improvement, guidance and advancement to fabricate the power of Black America. The foundation for Harvest Institute programs are Dr. Anderson's books, Black Labor, White Wealth: A Search for Power and Economic Justice and PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America. [2]

Dr. Anderson addresses constantly to business get-togethers, schools, places of love and social relationship on the monetary, social and political game plans he proposes.

His books have all been raving successes, are for the most part examined all through the United States and are used as perusing material in various universities and optional schools. [2]


The idea of PowerNomics was made by Dr. Claud Anderson and is depicted in his book PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America.

The PowerNomics idea and plan show blacks how to pool assets and parts of influence so they can deliver, disperse and burn-through in a way that makes merchandise and wealth.[10]

Dr. Rosie Milligan wrote in the Pasadena Journal that Nipsey Hussle followed Dr. Claud Anderson's vision: [12]

"Dr. Claud Anderson's book, PowerNomics: The National Plan To Empower Black America, is the outline to save Black America.

Likewise utilized by different identities, it spreads out the arrangement obviously to capable Black America to burrow from underneath the 'financial waste'— Nipsey Hussle stuck to the script."


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