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Dr. Brian H. Williams

Dr. Brian H. Williams

Dr. Brian H. Williams is a Trauma Surgeon for the UT Southwestern Medical Center and the first from his family to become a doctor. Williams graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1991 and was an aeronautical engineer for six years. He graduated from the University of South Florida College of Medicine in 2001. He served his residency at the Harvard Medical School until 2008 and completed his Trauma/Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at Emory University in 2010. He has contributed to more than 49 academic research publications.

In the wake of the 2016 Dallas Police Protest Shooting, Williams gave an emotional response for the violence to stop.

Press Conference

On July 11th, 2016, a press conference with other doctors and hospital staff at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, where several officers were treated Thursday, Dr. Brian H. Williams spoke about how these violent event has impacted his views on, "what to do next." During the conference, he admitted that the officers that he could not save weighs heavy on his conscious. Furthermore, he wants to be a role model for his daughter when it comes to interacting with police; although he does altruistic acts for them such as pick up their restaurant tabs, that does not mean he does not fear them. His plea is ultimately for more genuine communication and understanding between law enforcement and the African-American community. [1]

Dr. Williams said:

“It’s much more complicated for me personally because it’s not just about that one night, it’s about the racial undertones that impact all of this.

So it began long before those cops came through the door that evening.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about that, but right now it is certainly a struggle.”


“The problem is the lack of open discussions about the impact of race relations in this country.

And this killing, it has to stop.

Black men dying and being forgotten, people retaliating against the people who are sworn to defend us.

We have to come together and end all this.”


He has related his encounters with the law as stating that he always avoids having a threatening behavior by conducting himself as a helpful citizen.

In an interview with CNN, Dr. Williams said the following statement: ".... we are all in this together, whether you realize it or not."


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