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Donald Kalanick

Donald Kalanick

Donald Kalanick (Age 78) is a Civil engineer for the city of Los Angeles, CA. He is the father of Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber Technologies.

He lives in Northridge, CA.

Early Life

Donald grew up in a Catholic family with Slovakian and Austrian roots.

They had all immigrated to the United States in Donald's grandparents' generation.

Donald's parents were Michael Andrew "Mike" Kalanick (the son of Ján Kalanin, later John Kalanick, and Anna Polanská) and Mary Zeyock (the daughter of Jiří "George" Zeyock and Anna "Annie" Androsová).

When Donald was born, his dad was 36 and his mom was 30.


He grew up at 3928 Drew Street in the Eagle Rock, Los Angeles neighborhood. [2]

** Career

Kalanick retired in 2009. He receives an annual pension of $122,336.88.

He worked for 44 years.

His final job was for the Los Angeles Department of Airports. [1]

Personal Life

Kalanick was married to Bonnie Kalanick. They have two sons together, Cory Kalanick, a firefighter in Fresno, CA, and Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber Technologies.

Donald was previously married to another woman and has two daughters from her.

One of them is the mother of Allisyn Ashley Arm, an actress and comedian.

May 2017 Boating Accident

In May 2017, Kalanick was seriously injured in a boating accident.

He is currently in critical condition.

His wife, Bonnie Kalanick, was killed. [0]


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