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Dinah Taylor

Dinah Taylor

Dinah Taylor is infamous for being the racist neighbor of Dexter Manawat.

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On January 2, 2016, Dinah and her neighbor, Dexter, got into an argument over his leaves having to land on her yard. The two have had quarrels for years as neighbors, but for Dexter, on this day, she crossed the line. Dexter prepared his phone and recorded her racist rant as she got out her broom and started hurling anti-Filipino slurs at him. She said the following: "from some piece of s***, Manila-a**, f** ghetto living under a tarp piece of s land... like orange savages". [1]

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After the Dexter released the footage online, the world of Social media shared it immediately. Dexter took it down from his Facebook after Dinah allegedly apologized. She then released a statement with KTNV which was an interview where she admitted that she was not raised to be a racist. As she spoke about her mistake, she wept. She admitted that since the video has gone viral, she has been afraid of retaliating against her neighbor, but says that she is willing to sit down with Dexter and is family to try and get along.


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