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Diana Moldavsky

Diana Moldavsky

Diana Moldavsky is a Russian American Entrepreneur and Angel investor known for her business strategies. She has worked for both Google and Yandex. [1]


Diana received her Bachelor of Science degree from Santa Clara University in Commerce, Marketing, International business. She graduated in 2001. [1]

During and after her college education, she worked for a few companies until she acquired a position at Google. [1]

She would return to complete her education at Duke University's The Fuqua School of Business where she received her Master of Business degree in General management. [1]


A few years after her completing her education and receiving her Bachelor of Science degree, she got a position at Google as a person in charge of Client Services Account, where she was responsible for premium advertisement accounts. [1]

Some after she became the Senior Manager of Key Accounts for Yandex. She was there for several years. [1]

in 2007, she acquired a position as the GM and head of Russia operations for OLX Group. A Naspers company, OLX Group is a global player in localized online classifieds. [1]

In 2011, She was the Chief revenue officer for ZeptoLab while also being the Alumni Club Russia Co-Chair at Duke University. [1]

Personal Life

Diana lives in the city of San Francisco.

She is currently a member of the Steering Committee for ICON.

She is a part of the Israel Collaboration Network.


Diana is also an Angel investor.


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