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Russian refers to anything related to Russia, including:

  • Russians (русские, russkiye), an ethnic group of the East Slavic peoples, primarily living in Russia and neighboring countries

  • Rossiyane (россияне), Russian language term for all citizens and people of Russia, regardless of ethnicity

  • Russophone, Russian-speaking person (русскоговорящий, русскоязычный, russkogovoryashchy, russkoyazychny)

  • Russian language, the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages

  • Russian alphabet

  • Russian cuisine

  • Russian culture

  • Russian studies

Russian may also refer to:

  • Russian dressing

  • The Russians, a book by Hedrick Smith

  • Russian (comics), fictional Marvel Comics supervillain from The Punisher series

  • Russian (solitaire), a card game

  • "Russians" (song), from the album The Dream of the Blue Turtles by Sting

  • "Russian", from the album Tubular Bells 2003 by Mike Oldfield

  • Nik Russian, the perpetrator of a con committed in 2002

  • Something related to the Russian Empire or Soviet Union Soviet people East Slavs All-Russian nation

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