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David Segura

David Segura

David A. Segura (born August 30, 1982), is a Mexican-American entrepreneur and angel investor from El Paso, Texas. Segura's current role is being the Chief operating officer at Carbon. [12] [3]


David Segura graduated from Coronado High School. He went on to attend the University of Chicago, graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in political science. [4]


After he moved on from College, he was a partner advisor for Willis Towers Watson, and after he became business improvement director for Twistbox entertainment. [12]

David Segura is the author of local promoting stage Giant Media. Segura broadly self-subsidized Giant Media with $7,000 before it was procured by Adknowledge, a worldwide AdTech organization supported by TPG and JMI among others. [2] [1]

Segura is a specialist in computerized media in the in the tech business and has had insight as a chief for Comedy.com, where he was a huge power in the site's development from 15k month to month guests, to 3 million month to month guests.


During his experience with Comedy.com, he turned out to be old buddies with business person Paige Craig.


David is likewise a private backer in tech new companies like Everipedia, Laurel and Wolf, Showroom, Perfect Price, Hullabalu, Peer5, ShopJeen, Roomi and some more.

He likewise has an interest in different eatery and bar foundations in the core of "trendy person" Los Angeles including Horse Thief BBQ, Bar Angeles, and Cafe Birdie, which was named extraordinary compared to other new eateries in Los Angeles in 2016.


Personal Life

David splits his time between New York City and Los Angeles. Segura is a native of El Paso, Texas. [3]


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