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Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn (born March 7, 2006)[2][33] is a social media Personality who got Famous on Musical.ly account with more than 4.6 Million Fans to her account daniellecohn. [8] She won Miss Florida Jr. Preteen and was titled as its Queen in 2015. [9] [12] She is lived in Los Angeles, California. [9]

Early Life

Danielle was born in Florida. [13] Early in her childhood, she had a special passion in music which was encouraged by her parents. She started music classes at a young age and after gaining some expertise, she started uploading her videos on social media.

Cohn also started participating in beauty pageants. By 2014, her social media following had increased and she was started to be recognized as a musician. [15] [11]

She has a close relationship with her brother Chad who escorts her to various beauty pageants and her mother Jennifer, who is a her social media Manager.[54]


While taking part in beauty pageants, Cohn also started modelling for some of the top brands targeted for teenagers in USA. The modeling agencies and brands such as the BMG modeling agency, Juicy Couture Clothing and Lisa B Jewelry. [15]

Winning the beauty pageant got her substantial increase of fame in social media channels.

Her Musical.ly app got 2.4 million fans within months. After winning Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen, she attended National Modeling Competition in California. With the increased exposure came opportunities to post ads and sponsored videos, which promised $400 to $500 per post at the time, Cohn told Buzzfeed. Ultimately, her success inspired the family's 2017 move to Los Angeles, California.[52]

Within her first year there, Cohn scored high-profile partnerships with Target, Live Nation, and Samsung, among other brands. In May 2017, Cohn released her debut single "Marilyn Monroe." As of August 2020, the video has over 14 million views on YouTube.[52]

In June of 2020, Cohn released her new song "Do It Better."

As of August 2020, the video has over 500,000 views.[52]

Social Media

As of November 2019, Danielle has 3.9 million followers on Instagram. Her Youtube amassed more than 1.4 million subscribers as of November 2019. Dani has 13.9 million on Tiktok.[1][2][35]


Along with being a model and a social media personality, she is also a self-made entrepreneur. She has an online store called Danielle Cohn Store, which offers apparel and accessories, such as sweatshirts, tees, and mobile phone covers. She loves shopping at places like as Fashion Nova and Victoria's Secret.[54]

Personal Life

The Truth About My Abortion

The Truth About My Abortion

In 2017, she was in a relationship with Owen Bodnar. As of November 2019, her boyfriend was Ethan Fair, a TikTok Star. He starred in her latest music video, Secreto, released on October 25, 2019. Previously, Dani dated Mikey Tua for about a year.[1]

In April 2019, Danielle posted a series of videos where she and Mikey went to Vegas and apparently got married.

The ceremony wasn't legal, Danielle's mother told Buzzfeed News, and was simply "clickbait."

Later, Danielle continued the narrative, tricking the internet into believing she might be pregnant.

One tweet from Mikey, that has now been deleted, said "Expecting 08/14/19 #manibaby."

He also uploaded a video to his YouTube channel titled "We Are Expecting..."

Danielle tweeted the "due date" herself and also uploaded a picture to Instagram of Tua kissing her stomach, which has also now been removed. It was later revealed to be a prank.[46]

On July 2, 2019, Danielle shared that she was having issues with Mikey in a YouTube video called "My Relationship Status..." "There's nothing wrong with us," she said.

"There are some things going on in his personal life."

She declined to go into detail about what Mikey was going through, however.

At the time, Mikey's mom took over Mikey's Instagram and posted some information about the situation on his stories.

"After some sensitive information was brought to my attention about Danielle, we no longer support Mikey and Danielle's relationship," Mikey's mom Katie wrote.

"Because Mikey is still a minor, we have taken away his social media.

He will be able to get it back when we have worked through some legal stuff.

Thank you!"[47]

After Katie's post, Danielle reportedly spoke out against Mikey's parents on Instagram Live.

"Don't trust anything these parents say because they are violent, they are disgusting, they don't even deserve to have kids," she said, according to Distractify.

"They treat their kids like they are literally their walking bank and they're investments.

Katie literally said, 'They are an investment.

We invested in them and they are going to make our money back.'"[47]

On July 16, 2019, Cohn evealed in a video called "IT'S TIME I EXPLAIN EVERYTHING," that she and Mikey were no longer together.

"I still love Mikey so much," she said.

"I'm 100% sure that he still loves me and I know that for a fact.

I can't say, but I just know that."

She said there was no "beef" between them, but she did have "beef" with his mom.

"If I'm being honest, she should just let her son be happy and obviously he's happy with me," she said.[47]

On April 3, 2020, Danielle confirmed that she's in a relationship on an Instagram Live.

While she didn't say who she was dating, when everyone started commenting "Mikey" on the live, she confirmed, saying, "You guys are all right by the way.

You guys are all commenting the right name."[47]

On May 19, 2020, in their first YouTube video back together, Danielle revealed that she and Mikey had actually been "on-and-off for the past two years, but no one knew." They admitted, though, that there are still some issues, most likely with Mikey's family. "We tried to make everything work out with both sides and it just won't," Mikey said.[47]

On June 7, 2020, Danielle and Mikey started feuding with Mikey's family again after Danielle posted a TikTok where Mikey is throwing money at her while she dances.

Mikey's mom, Katie, immediately voiced her distaste for the video, commenting, "I'm completely embarrassed and ashamed by my son's behavior.

Mikey was raised to treat all women/girls with the upmost respect.

Something has changed in him including his surroundings, judgement, and choices.

I apologize to all of the supporters who look up to this behavior and believe it's OK because it's NOT..."

In response, Mikey went on Instagram Live where he made a lot of claims about his family, like that his mother has stolen money from him.

"I'm her son, you're not supposed to steal from your son," he said, threatening to "post the bank statements."[47]

Mikey also claimed that he supported his family for the past year and while they used to help him with his videos in return, that is no longer the case.

"I make all the income," he said.

"My mom doesn't work, my dad doesn't work.

My dad is just now getting a job.

My mom is just now getting a job, but she doesn't make good money."[47]

That's when Mikey's brother, Jojo, got involved, writing, "I love you bro, but you're a fool."

Jojo also commented on Mikey's live.

"I DoNt wAnT dRaMa????

Bro get off live and pick up the phone and call someone."[47]

At that point, Danielle took to her Instagram story claiming that while she didn't "wanna get involved with the situation," she had something she wanted to say, "really quick." "I love Mikey so with that being said I love his whole family," she wrote.

"I've tried my best to become good with his family and form a relationship like we had in the past.

I am truly sorry to his whole family for anything I have done to them or said about them, and will be sorry for the rest of my life."[47]

Danielle also claimed that Katie almost got Danielle removed from her parent's custody after "spreading lies to police and [Child Protective Services]."

She also alleged that Mikey’s mom created "hate pages" about Danielle and posted Danielle's address, phone number, and various legal documents online.

Cohn ended her statement saying that despite all the drama, she forgives Katie and she hopes one day Katie can forgive her.[47]

Age Controversy

On September 16, 2019, Danielle's father, Dustin Cohn, has posted a lengthy statement with his thoughts on his daughter's social media presence and stated that she is only 13 years old, despite Danielle herself stated that she was 15.[45]

"I have decided to set things straight about my daughter Danielle Cohn," he wrote.

"For years I have done the diplomatic thing while dealing with my daughter being online in a way I didn't approve of and trying to have it handled out of social media because I figured the system would work and keep my daughter safe."[45]

"We found Pinterest boards with her photos and I told her mom I worried about pedophiles," he wrote.

"The pictures now have gotten worse and worse.

I am finally saying something on social media because people need to be held accountable."[45]

However, Danielle responded to her father's post with a statement on Instagram, saying she was happy he wasn't in her life and she doesn't do anything she doesn't want to. Later, the post was deleted.[46]

In June 2020, in a YouTube video titled "I'm Over It," Danielle's dad, Dustin Cohn, exposed his teen daughter again. Dustin showed viewers Danielle's birth certificate, which states her date of birth as March 7, 2006. "I care about my daughter, I love my daughter, I wish I was with her as often as I was supposed to with the custody agreement that I fought for in court," he explained.[48]

In a YouTube video of her own, Danielle told fans she is tired of defending herself on social media.

"You can believe whatever you want.

I know who I am, I know my age, I know all that so it shouldn't matter to you guys," Danielle said.

"I told you guys the truth.

There's no need for me to keep telling you guys the truth because you guys won't believe it anyways.

It really sucks that he has to go so low to get his 10 seconds of fame and post YouTube videos... why do you need that?

That just sucks."

She went on to claim that her dad likes to play the "victim" card.[48]

Danielle's brother Chad also released a video against Dustin, allegedly that his father was addicted to marijuana and had a drinking problem, and would go "ballistic" when he didn't have those substances.

"I remember on multiple occasions, he would grab the knives that my grandfather would buy me for fishing... he would grab those knives, lock himself in the garage and threaten to kill himself," her brother added.[48]

Speculation about Cohn's real age was reignited in August 2020 by a livestream that appears to show Danielle claiming that she's just 14, saying she'll turn 19 in 5 years.

In the clip, which was reposted to the popular TikTok Shade Room Instagram account, Cohn encourages her followers to ask her questions before reading the submission, "Do you wanna have kids with Mikey?" "Yeah!

I mean, of course I do.

Obviously, not right now, you know, 'cause right now would not be the best time to do that," she responds.

"But obviously in, I don't know, like, five or six years, maybe?

When I'm, like, 19 or 20."[53]

Cohn's mother, however, says that commenters are misinterpreting the video and that Cohn simply miscalculated.

"She said maybe in five years and then said 18 or 19 — that's not admitting she is 14.

It's a live[stream] where she's talking to fans," Jennifer Archambault told Insider.

"She didn't admit anything and she is confused on why this is such a big deal.

She said just now that she messed up on the math."[53]

Leaked Audio

In July 2020, the audio of a conversation between Danielle Cohn and her mother Jennifer Archambault was leaked. The conversation was shared on the Instagram Instagram page 2helpdanicohn2. In the audio, Cohn's mother says she allowed her daughter to get an abortion. Danielle responded to the leak with a video called "The Truth About My Abortion," where she confirmed the audio was real and that she did have an abortion in January 2020. "I figured that it would just be best for me to come clean about it because there's no need to lie," she said. "As much as this is really embarrassing for me, and something that I don't want to talk about, it has come to the point where I have to. And I do have to tell my story." Cohn said she wanted anyone who has been through the same thing to know they shouldn't feel embarrassed because "it is not a bad thing to do." She also said she was against people who were pro-choice before she had to face the decision herself.[49][50][51]

She went through every step of her story in great detail, about how she got pregnant in the first place, and also how she was manipulated into having sex.

She said she was sleeping all the time and craving strange foods, yet still was naive to the fact she was pregnant at first.

When she finally took the test, she said her first thought was to call the father.

It is unclear who she was with at the time, as she and Tua were broken up during that period.

"Let's just say I went through it alone," she said.

"And that was the hardest part, because nobody cared.

And I couldn't tell my family.

I didn't want them to be disappointed in me.

Like, nobody cared."[50][51]

In an email to Insider, Archambault confirmed the leak publicized a private conversation between her and Cohn.

"My best friend Virginia Bisogna-Bagut of 5 years that my daughter looked up to and was very close to is behind this disgusting situation," she said.

"I am sickened and beyond hurt that an adult that was this close to our family would betray us."[50][51]


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