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CROSSNET is a backyard/beach game that combines four square ​ and volleyball ​. [10] ​ It was founded by Greg Meade ​, Chris Meade, and Michael Delpapa. [2] ​ CROSSNET has been featured in Future Sharks ​. [2]

Beginnings and Development

A CROSSNET game in action

After Michael came home for the summer from graduating college, he met up with Greg and Chris to brainstorm business ideas. [2] ​ Greg suggested that there was a need for higher quality beach and backyard games. [2] ​ Growing up, they all enjoyed playing four square ​ together, and Michael inquired Greg of what he thought about four square volleyball. [2] ​ From that idea, CROSSNET was born. [2]

Upon meeting with a patent attorney, they were informed that there was already a patent on the product idea. [2] ​ They cold-called the patent holding and made a deal to obtain the rights to it. [2] ​ After taking over a year to obtain a patent, they began the process of creating rules, designing and manufacturing the game, and make adjustments from feedback. [2] ​ Their efforts took well over a year. [2]



The playing field is set up into four squares. [10] ​ The player in square 4 serves from out of bounds to the player in square 2 who then can return it to any player. [10] ​ Whoever is eliminated must return to square 1 and everyone rotates clockwise. [10] ​ You can only earn a point if you are in square 4 and whoever gets to 11 first (or wins by 2) wins the game. [10]

Growth and Success

CROSSNET grew by establishing a physical presence on the beaches of Florida as well as having active Facebook ​ and Instagram ​ accounts. [4] [7] [2] ​ In order to successful promote itself, CROSSNET attempted to create engaging ads on those platforms as well. [2] ​ As of April 2018, CROSSNET had over 10.7k followers on Instagram ​. [7] ​ The game is currently popular on the beaches of Florida ​ and San Diego ​. [2]

In the future, CROSSNET plans to expand to a global scale. [2] ​ Later in 2018, an indoor model for CROSSNET is set to be released that is targeted towards black tops, gyms and schools to use. [2] ​ The founders envision CROSSNET to become commonplace on every major beach, have tournaments hosted across the world, be sold in retail stores, and become incorporated in physical education curriculums. [2]

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