Chloe Viser

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Chloe Viser is a social media personality and meme from San Diego, California. She is a graduate of Rancho Bernardo High School. [1] Chloe is known for her viral Facebook posts. [7]

Chloe recreating the Beyoncé picture

Beyonce Pregnancy Photo Recreation

On February 2, 2017, Chloe posted a photo of herself recreating Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement. She captioned the portrait "I would like to share my love and happiness. I have been blessed two times over with that wendy's 4 for 4 meal. I am incredibly grateful that I am not pregnant, just eating good, and I thank you for your well wishes." The photo has since been shared 19,755 times and has over 25,000 reactions. [16]

Meme Mirror Pic

A meme of Chloe

On October 25, 2016, Chloe posted a mirror pic of herself taken with her butt. She captioned the picture "it took me 15 minutes to get the perfect pic please for the love of god like this." Seven months later on May 31, the Instagram account  @memeposts1 and captioned it "While we're here living in 2017, she living in 3018." [14] Chloe commented that meme pages were late on her picture. [7]

Graduation Photo

Chloe uploaded a picture of herself after she received her high school diploma flipping off the camera. She captioned the photo "got suspended twice, in school suspension 5 times, always skipped classes, had a 2.4 gpa and did nothing but fuck around. you can do it, kids." Since being uploaded June 8th, it has been shared on Facebook over 81,000 times and has over 95,000 reactions. [1] The post was taken down after someone reported it to her school and her parents. [19]

Chloe graduating from high school

Musical Interests

Chloe is a fan of Lil Yachty.

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