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Chestnut is an American cryptocurrency​ startup dapp on the EOS.IO​ blockchain​ dedicated to building the most robust personal banking system for the EOS system.[1]​ Chestnut Accounts allows for users to use a smart contract to set their own preferences, including daily spending limits, black/whitelisted accounts, and time-based transaction limits to manage their EOS funds.[2]

The project won second place at the EOS Hackathon: London, as well as the "Best UX​" ​at the event. [3]

GIF of Chestnut presenting at the EOS Hackathon in London


Started in September 2018 as part of the EOS Hackathon in London, the Chestnut team went into the hackathon with the mindset of building a dapp that can protect the assets of EOS holders from hackers and other third parties that may cause their assets to disappear forever. [4]​ [5]

In order to prevent users from having the risk of losing their crypto assets, the team has built a "smart account" that sets rules of engagements through the use of signatures. [6]​ A user can assign signatures in the account in order to have "smart account" sign on the user's behalf. [7]

EOS Hackathon

On September 23rd, 2018, on the last day of the Hackathon, the Chestnut project was awarded with two prizes. [8]​ The project won second place at the EOS Hackathon in London, as well as the "Best UX​" ​at the event.[9]

Chestnut team (from Left): Ashe Oro, Danielle Diamond, Anette Wilms, Patricia Parkinson, Daniel Liebeskind

Chestnut team (from Left): Ashe Oro​, Danielle Diamond​, Anette Wilms, Patricia Parkinson, and Daniel Liebeskind​.

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