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Celina Powell

Celina Powell

Celina Powell is an instagram Model based in Denver, Colorado. She is known for her relationships with famous American rappers. Celina is also known as "The Black Widow."

Early Life

Powell attended Wheat Ridge High School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.


Powell has been connected to Dwight Howard, Fetty Wap, Waka Flocka, Swae Lee, Fabolous, and O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Celina allegedly stated she was pregnant and accused Offset of being the father of her child. At the time, she stated she was expecting a daughter. While living with DJ Akademiks, she also stated that she had relationships around the same time with Dez Bryant and Fatboy SSE. She later admitted to faking her pregnancy.

Powell was in a relationship with DJ Akademiks.

In December 2019, Powell was called out by Hazel-E for writing DMs to her fiancé Devon Waller.

Hazel aired her out on social media saying, "Ima put this h on blast before she even starts with the bs."

She followed that message up with one that read, "B ch get out my husband’s DM."

Celina responded with this: "First of all bch ya husband been thirsty on my s t & don’t worry I have his number dumb a." Hazel fired back at her one more time: "Call him see if it works h. You gone play ya self f kin with me.

To many n gas have warned about u."[29][30]

In May 2020, Powell took to Instagram alleging that Snoop Dogg was trying to call her about the Teka$hi69 (6ix9ine). In the post Powell said: "@snoopdogg I’m not interested in teaming up with you against @6ix9ine, stop calling me askin why I’m egging him on... And showing me your dog @juelzbroadus so I don’t screenshot you, was a rookie mistake.. you know I stay with two phones 😈 #TEAM6IX9INE"[32]

Later, Powell posted on her Instagram story that she had some exclusive sex tapes with Teka$hi69 (6ix9ine) and Snoop Dogg. "I dropped exclusive NEVER before seen tapes on 69 and Snoop," she said in her Instagram Stories. "Y’all thought I was playing. I keep every video," she said. The tapes can apparently only be viewed by subscribers of her OnlyFans account.[31]

On December 30, 2018, Celina Powell was arrested by bounty hunters. She had upwards of $61,000 worth of outstanding bonds in her name, ranging from shoplifting, to evading police, to traffic violations.

While she was being taken into custody, video evidence found one of the bounty hunters, William Ellenburg, using the word nigger multiple times; Powell uses the n-word in the video, as well.

Personal Life

She is of Puerto Rican descent.


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