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Burrow (Furniture)

Burrow (Furniture)

Burrow is a New York City-based direct-to-consumer furniture brand aimed at solving the pain points of the industry. Its first product is a high-quality, affordable, modular, luxury couch. Burrow claims to fill a void in the furniture space with a quick and easy buying experience that allows customers to select products online that are shipped quickly and efficiently to their doorstep. The company participated in the Y Combinator Summer 2016 batch.


Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra decided to start Burrow when they saw friends paying to have their couches cut apart in order to get them up narrow New York City apartment stairwells. Burrow helps eliminate the pain points of purchasing a couch and is specifically designed to support its customers as their lives evolve.

The company has been featured in the NY Times, TechCrunch, Inc. (magazine), and The Macro.


In contrast to most furniture companies, Burrow offers free 1-week shipping with delivery everywhere in the continental United States. Burrow offers free returns within the first 100 days of purchase. Burrow couches are delivered by major carriers including FedEx and UPS and arrive in two to five compact boxes.

Burrow’s mid-century modern couches are designed by Leah K.S.

Amick, an award-winning, luxury furniture designer with a master’s degree in furniture design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Burrow’s couch cushions have a high-density foam core to ensure that they hold their shape over time and include pillow-top-and-bottom for added comfort. Burrow also uses chemical-free upholstery which they claim is naturally stain resistant.

Burrow couches come in four seating options; 1-seater ($550); 2-seater ($750); 3-seater ($950); and 4-seater ($1,150) as well as five colorways; Crushed Gravel, Charcoal, Beige, Navy Blue and Brick Red.


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