Braxton Moral

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Braxton Moral is an American high school student currently attending Ulysses High School in Ulysses, Kansas. He is set to become the first teenager to receive a high school diploma and undergraduate degree from Harvard University in the same month in May 2019. [1][2]

Early Life

When Moral was three years old, he could entertain people at volleyball games by calculating the score's difference in points. By second grade, he was getting bused to a different building with third and fourth graders for English and math. He even skipped the fourth grade. [1]

As he got older, he started to become depressed. His parents took him to a local community college for testing. Moral's testing scores were beyond an Associate degree. [1]


Braxton is on track to graduate from the Bachelor of Liberal arts program at the Harvard Extension School, with a major in government and a minor in English. He completes fall and spring college courses online, and began taking summer classes at the Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus for the first time as he rose into his junior year. He spends a full, eight-hour day in high school but has permission to work on college assignments during a computer lab course. [1]

Personal Life

Moral's goals include to be influential and change the world as he believes it should be changed. He plans to pursue a career in national politics and become President of the United States. [1]

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