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Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie (born June 1978) is a British-Indian businessman. He is the founder and executive director of C&C Alpha Group, which has global investments in healthcare, hospitality, banking, real estate, aviation and utilities.[1]

Early Life

Bhanu Choudhrie is the son of Sudhir Choudhrie and his wife Anita. He was born in New Delhi in June 1978 and moved to the UK in 2000.[3]

Choudhrie was educated at the University of Boston, where he studied International Business and Marketing, and has undertaken the Owner Management Programme at Harvard Business School.[2]


Bhanu Choudhrie has been the executive director of the family-owned, London based, C&C Alpha Group since 2001, and is responsible for investment strategy.[4]

C&C Alpha Group invests principally in the utility, healthcare, hospitality, real estate and aviation sectors. The company operates as a holding company and provides consulting and advisory services to venture capital investors. In 2015, C&C Alpha Group sold its Alpha Hospitals chain to Cygnet Healthcare for £95m.[6]

In 2006 Choudhrie founded Alpha Aviation Group, an international pilot training provider headquartered in London with flight schools in the Philippines and the UAE.[8] Both schools provide pilots for leading regional airlines, including Air Arabia, VietJet and Cebu Pacific.[7]

Choudhrie is a director of the charity, Path To Success, which is known for its work helping disabled athletes.[5]

In 2018, it launched its Path To Tokyo 2020 campaign and is sponsoring female athletes from Para Badminton, Para Powerlifting, Wheelchair Tennis and Wheelchair Basketball, who aspire to represent Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics.[9]

In the US, Choudhrie is a board member of Customers Bancorp and sits on the bank’s executive and risk committees.[10] He was a director of Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation, prior to its acquisition by Ameris in May 2018.

Choudhrie was a co-founder of Megalith Capital Management.[11]


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