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Ashley Feinberg

Ashley Feinberg

Ashley Feinberg is a reporter at Slate. She is formerly a Senior Writer at Deadspin and Wired. She is based in Brooklyn. [1]


Ashley attended Trinity University and studied English and Communication. She graduated in 2012.

During her time there, she had an editorial internship with the San Antonio Current, an alternative weekly newspaper in San Antonio, Texas.


Ashley started working for Gizmodo in 2013 as an Editorial Assistant. She gradually worked her way up to the position of Staff Writer at Gawker before it shut down in 2015. Ashley is currently a Senior Writer at Wired. Before leaving Gawker Media, she wrote for Deadspin.

In March 2017, she did some sleuthing to find FBI director James Comey's clandestine Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In October 2019, Feinberg detected Pierre Delecto, a Twitter account ran by Mitt Romney. She revealed that the account followed Romney’s kids, his former aides and advisors, as well as Mitt Romney fan pages and parody accounts.[13]


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