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Pierre Delecto

Pierre Delecto

Pierre Delecto is a pseudonym for an anonmous Twitter account ran by Mitt Romney. The names was likely inspired by his time in France as a mormon missionary. [1]


On October 20 2019, Mckay Coppins of the Atlantic published an article called "The Liberation of Mitt Romney," which profiled Romney as being critical of Donald Trump and his policies.

In the article, Romney explained that he had a "lurking" account on Twitter that follows less than 700 people.

Ashley Feinberg from Slate began investing, searching Romney's oldest grandchild Allie Romney Critchlow's Twtter account for clues since she only had 481 followers at the time.

Feinberg found Mitt Romney lurking with the handle @qaws9876 and username Pierre Delecto.

Romney quickly turned the accuont private, but not before people were able to see that it had upvoted several tweets critical of Donald Trump and often chimed in with non-confrontational responses.

Feinberg commented on the content of the tweets:

"Pierre has only ever tweeted 10 times total, and all of them have been replies to other tweets—certainly the sort of behavior one might expect to see from a self-described 'lurker.' The account's first tweet, coming a whole four years after its initial registration, was a show of frustration at Fox News for not yet having a New Hampshire presidential poll up."

When asked if he was the person behine the account, Romney simply replied "Cest Moi."


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Oct 21, 2019, 6:28 PM