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Anton Klingspor

Anton Klingspor

Anton Klingspor (born October 9th, 1999) is an American entrepreneur and investor based in Miami Beach, Florida. He is the Founder and General Partner at Indicina Ventures, a Generation Z targeted venture capital firm. [1] Anton has received ample press coverage and has been featured in outlets such as Forbes and HuffPost.


Anton Klingspor attended Asheville School, a private, coeducational, college-prep boarding school in Asheville, North Carolina, for three years. An active student, he was a member of his school's Investment Club and Hoste Society. Anton spent his Senior Year at Miami Beach High School.

Career and Skills

Prior to starting Indicina Ventures, Anton gained experience working for the City of Miami Beach and KLINGSPOR Abrasives. A programmer, Anton is proficient in several programming languages including PHP, HTML5, Cascading Style Sheet, and Python. In May 2014, Anton was issued a patent by the USPTO for an encrypted communication channel for access between multiple electronic systems through a graphic user interface.

Indicina Ventures

Anton launched Indicina Ventures, a startup incubator, in December 2016.

The New York City based venture provides funding and resources to internet companies of various stages. With an emphasis on Generation Z, Indicina Ventures develops the ideas of young entrepreneurs who are looked over upon due to their age. The fund weighs in merit more than experience.


Anton and Indicina Ventures have been featured in multiple press pieces and are frequently praised by outlets such as Cascade Business News and more. In Columbia University's Nexus Blog, he talked about good habits of startup founders and Entrepreneur Middle East inquired him about utilizing Facebook groups as a way to gain traffic from the platform. [1] In an article in The Next Web, Anton and Lucas Miller come up with 10 profitable business ideas that can be started for less than $100. In July 2017, Anton earned the number 1 spot in the HuffPost's list, Top 10 Startups of 2017 You Wonโ€™t Want to Miss. Forbes has asked him for his views on Artificial intelligence in which he responded that despite its inherit risks, AI has enormous potential.


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