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Ana Alexander Stojanovic (born February 1, 1979) is a Serbian model, actress, and screenwriter .[1]


Early Life & Education

Ana Stojanovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. Her mother, Mila Stojanovic, was the Managing Director for several import/export companies. Her father, Zoran Stojanovic, was a surveying engineer. Her aunt, Saka Sabljic, was a famous Serbian actress.

Stojanovic was discovered early as a fashion model at the age of 12 while playing basketball for the Serbian basketball team, Partisan. Soon thereafter, she then began her acting career by appearing in several Serbian commercials.[1]

At age 13, actor Radoš Bajić (Ana Alexander's family friend) asked Ana to be in her first movie. It was a peasant comedy, where she got her first experience working on a film set. By age 16, she became one of the youngest students accepted into the University of Arts in Belgrade for film and theater.[1]

Due to the Croatian War of Independence, her family decided to relocate in search of a better life. At age 17, the Stojanovic's moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where Ana Alexander earned her Bachelor's degree in Drama from the University of Cape Town.[1]


Early Beginnings

Ana Alexander in a bikini by the ocean

After graduating, Ana Alexander moved to New York City in 2002 to continue her modeling career. Eventually, she appeared in numerous commercials and movies and moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue a career in acting. As a model, she has done runways, commercials, and print campaigns; some of Dove, BMW, VO5, Mercedes-Benz, and Mentos). She has appeared in numerous fashion magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Vogue.


Youtube Video
Ana Alexander's demo reel (2016)

After theater school and appearing in numerous commercials and movies, Alexander co-starred in an American co-production of a film shot in Cape Town called Second Skin, in which she acted alongside Peter Fonda and Natasha Henstridge.

After a few more British-American films, Ana co-starred in One Tree Hill with actor Paul Johansson. Johansson suggested that she move to the U.S. to further her career opportunities.[3]

After moving to Los Angeles, she got her first television part Two and a Half Men where she played a love interest to Charlie Sheen. She went on to appear on several other TV shows, including CSI: NY , CSI: Miami , The Young and the Restless , Las Vegas, The Exes , Bones, and Hawaii Five-O. She has also appeared in blockbusters as well as, indie films like Land of the Lost and Deep in the Valley .[3]

She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, the trade union for Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.[3]


Together with her brother, Alexander produced and starred in her first short film, Porcelain, a story about a female superhero turned vigilante. Ana Alexander is also co-creator of the TV show The Ring, which is about a 16-year old girl who has the unconventional dream to be an Olympic boxing champion, and her family, all of whom have secret lives in a seemingly normal household.

Ana is currently writing the screenplay The Exit, a biographical story based on her mother’s journey of survival from the war torn Yugoslavia and her unconventional choices that helped her survive in their new home of South Africa.[3]

Comic Book

Porcelain (front cover)

Ana Alexander is currently working on multiple comic book series, both as a creator and writer. She created a comic book based on a short film in which she starred and produced called Porcelain. Her image was also used as inspiration for the lead character in an exclusive project by Christian Gossett, the creator of "The Red Star."[3]


  • 1991: Sekula opts zeni : Sljivina cerka
  • 1992: Sekula nevino optuzen (video): Vesna
  • 1999: Africa: Trish
  • 2000: Second Skin : Sheila
  • 2002: Hooded Angels : Mary
  • 2004: No Second Thoughts (short film): Kim
  • 2004: Episode 1: The Eye of Expert Season 1 Witness: Manhattan (TV Series): Zoya Pavlova
  • 2004: Two and a Half Men (television series): the doctor
  • 2005: Glass Trap : LuLu
  • 2005: Out of Practice (TV series): Anna
  • 2005: Sleeper Cell (TV show): Jelena Jovanovic
  • 2006: CSI: Miami (TV series): Sienna Stone (2 episodes)
  • 2007: The Young and the Restless (television series): Helene
  • 2007: The Wedding Bells (TV series): Jennifer
  • 2007: Cane (TV series): Annetta
  • 2008: Las Vegas (TV series): the sexy lady
  • 2008: Reno 911! (TV series): Seaweed Woman
  • 2008: Where the Heart Lies (short film): Lisa Lowe
  • 2008: Will-Endowed (short film): the girlfriend
  • 2009: Land of the Lost: Pakuni Woman
  • 2009: O2 (short film): Natalia
  • 2009: Deep in the Valley : the sexy doctor
  • 2010: Important Things with Demetri Martin (TV Series): Sasha
  • 2011: Femme Fatales (TV series): Camille Gardner (3 episodes)
  • 2011: Chemistry ( TV show): Liz (13 episodes)
  • 2011: Just Add Blood (short film): Charlotte
  • 2011: Gigantic (TV show): Montana
  • 2011: Clown Wanted (short film): the bad clown
  • 2012: The Exes (TV series): Tatiana
  • 2013: Franklin & Bash (TV series): Nataliya Filas
  • 2014: Bones (TV series): Katherine Frank
  • 2014: Mystery Girls (TV show): Nadia
  • 2015: Hawaii Five-0 (TV series): Danielle
  • 2015: Days of Our Lives (TV series): Miriam (3 episodes)
  • 2016: HR - Human Relations (TV series): Marion
  • 2017: Beverly Grove (TV movie): Mrs. Sorel
  • 2017: Chicago P.D. (TV series): Irina Petrova
  • 2018: Over Easy (mini-series): the teacher
  • 2018: Chasing Lacey : Diana Adams
  • 2018: Ordinary: Erin

Personal Life

Ana Alexander enjoys several physical activities, including basketball, kickboxing, martial arts (Hapkido), stage fighting, weapon handling, volleyball, handball, yoga, horseback riding, water skiing, and downhill skiing. She also enjoys several dance styles, such as jazz, ballet, hip-hop, ballroom dancing, and salsa.

She is also fluent in four languages: English, Serbian, Russian, and Afrikaans ; she can also speak some Polish, Italian, and German.[1]

She has one sibling, a brother, Nebojsa Stojanovic.[3]

Alexander has traveled extensively throughout her life, living on three different continents. She has lived in Serbia, South Africa, Germany, England, Italy, Austria, and the United States. [3]

In addition, she began designing her own furniture line. She helped invent the Nightlift, a bra that is worn at night.

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