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Amethyst Leon

Amethyst Leon

Amethyst Leon is an American cosplayer, vlogger and gamer based in California.

Life and Career

Amethyst grew up in Northern California and was employed by GameStop. Growing up, Halloween was her favorite holiday. She found out about cosplay through G4's coverage of San Diego Comic-Con International but did get into it until rediscovering comic books and reviving her love for video games.

Amethyst has gain recognition for her cosplays of Jyn Erso from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Zura from Fire Emblem. [1] As of September 2017, Amethyst had over 7.4K followers on Twitter, 24.7K followers on Instagram, 31K likes on Facebook, 3.4K subscribers on YouTube, and 2.5K followers on Twitch.tv.


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