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Adam Bain

Adam Bain

Adam Bain is an American Business Executive and former COO of Twitter. He is based in San Francisco, California.

Education and Early Career

Speaking at a conference

Speaking at a conference

Bain is a graduate of Miami University. He started his career as a producer for Cleveland.com from 1995-1997 and later for the Los Angeles Times for two years. In 1999, Bain became the Vice President of Production and Development at Fox Sports. He would work his way up the corporate ladder, becoming the EVP of Product & Technology before attaining the position of President of the Audience Network at Fox Interactive Media.

Twitter and Success

In September 2010, Bain became to President of Global Revenue and Partnerships at Twitter. An talented worker, Bain built Twitter's multi-billion dollar advertising business and a reputation well-liked throughout the company. He became COO in 2015, but left a year later. Although he does not have an official postion today, Bain serves as an advisor to several companies and joined the board of the buying and selling shoe app GOAT in June of 2017.

Personal Life

Adam is married to Mary Long Bain and they have two children together.

He is a well known sneakerhead. Adam is a fan of the Golden State Warriors.


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