One America News Network (abbreviated as OANN , commonly referred to as One America News (abbreviated as OAN )) is an American cable news television channel that is owned by Herring Networks, Inc.. The network is headquartered in San Diego , California , and operates a news bureau in Washington, D.C. [2]

Originally envisioned as a conservative news network, [3] OAN's stated focus is delivering a credible source of national and international news 24/7. [4]

OAN features political analysis programming and political talk shows, along with network special documentary-style reports; its news coverage attempts to maintain objectivity while its political shows illustrate a strong conservative view. [5]

The channel was launched on July 4, 2013. One America has limited national carriage on Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse , along with a number of regional cable providers, including CenturyLink, Consolidated Communications, and GCI. [7] As of 2015, it is available in 15 million homes. [5]

Herring Networks

Herring Networks, Inc., an independent and family-owned national video programming company owns and operates OAN and sister channel AWE (formerly WealthTV; the initialism being an acronym for "A Wealth of Entertainment"). When the network began in 2013 it had a limited partnership with The Washington Times .

In July 2014, OAN relocated its news and production studios out of The Washington Times Building to its new location at 101 Constitution Avenue NW, near the United States Capitol . The move ended OAN's relationship with The Washington Times , which provided news & analysis, [9] as well as a lease space arrangement, for the network. While its Washington Bureau was previously located within the Times building, OAN remains solely owned and operated, including all editorial control, by Herring Networks, Inc.

Charles Herring, in an interview in CPAC, said “Fox is a great platform, a lot of conservatives like it, it gets outstanding ratings. There is nothing wrong with Fox. The problem is that if you take the channel lineup, the sources of national news tend to lean to the left…and all we have is Fox.” [10]


Regularly scheduled programming

  • One America News – the network's flagship newscast airs daily around the clock. [11]
  • The Daily Ledger – political talk and discussion with Graham Ledger
  • Tipping Point – hosted by Liz Wheeler

Other programming

  • Addicted to Money
  • Behind The Name
  • Branded (with Haley Press)
  • Escape From Iran
  • Focal Point
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Islamic State
  • Jihad : The Grand Deception
  • Target America


Since its creation in 2013 , the One America News Network YouTube channel has garnered 85,390 subscribers and 15,082,185 views. (as of 7 November 2017 ) [15]

Former programming

News anchors

  • Mike Dinow - weekday evenings [12]
  • Lilia Fifield - weekday mornings
  • Jennifer Franco - weekday evenings
  • Kaushel Patel - weekday evenings
  • Ryan Hoefle - weekend mornings
  • Cassie Leuffen - weekday evenings
  • Stephanie Myers - weekend mornings
  • Greta Wall - weekend afternoons
  • Tabitha Lipkin - weekend evenings
  • Tara Millspaugh - weekday afternoons
  • Laura Nieto - weekday afternoons
  • Sarah Pilla - weekend afternoons