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List of BBC newsreaders and reporters

List of BBC newsreaders and reporters

BBC News employs many presenters and correspondents who appear across television, radio and contribute to BBC Online. BBC News provides television journalism to BBC One bulletins and the rolling news channels BBC World News and the BBC News Channel in the United Kingdom. In addition BBC News runs rolling news network BBC Radio 5 Live and the international BBC World Service. They also contribute to strands across BBC Radio 4 and bulletins on all radio networks. The BBC has over 200 correspondents based both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Television news presenters

BBC One and BBC Two

Many of the presenters below also work on other BBC News output, and some also work in other parts of the BBC.

Other BBC News presenters also provide relief presentation on programmes broadcast on these channels.

Not included in this list are presenters of the BBC News Channel programme BBC Newsroom Live

George AlagiahBBC News at Six[1]
Fiona BruceBBC News at Six,BBC News at Ten,Question Time
Rachel BurdenBBC BreakfastRelief Presenter
Reeta ChakrabartiBBC News at One,BBC News at Six,BBC News at Ten,BBC Weekend News
Tina DaheleyBBC Breakfast,Victoria Derbyshire
Victoria DerbyshireVictoria Derbyshire
Huw EdwardsBBC News at Ten, Election Night,State OccasionsChief presenter
Christian FraserBBC Breakfast,BBC Weekend News,Beyond 100 DaysRelief Presenter
Joanna GoslingVictoria Derbyshire,*BBC News at Nine,BBC Newsroom Live,BBC Weekend News*
Carrie GracieBBC News at Nine,BBC Newsroom Live,BBC Weekend News
Annita McVeighBBC News at Nine,BBC Newsroom Live,BBC Weekend News
Jane HillBBC News at One,BBC News at Six,BBC News at Ten,BBC Weekend NewsRelief Presenter
Mishal HusainBBC Weekend News
Roger JohnsonBBC BreakfastRelief Presenter
Jon Kay
Sian Lloyd
Emily MaitlisNewsnight
Steph McGovernBBC BreakfastRelief Presenter
Louise MinchinMain Presenter & Relief Presenter
Naga Munchetty
Clive MyrieBBC Weekend News
Sally NugentBBC BreakfastRelief Presenter
Sophie RaworthBBC News at One
Kate SilvertonBBC News at One,BBC Weekend News
Norman SmithVictoria DerbyshireRelief Presenter
Charlie StaytBBC BreakfastMain Presenter & Relief Presenter
Chloe TilleyVictoria Derbyshire[2]Relief Presenter
Dan WalkerBBC Breakfast
Kirsty WarkNewsnight

BBC News Channel

Many of the presenters below also work on other BBC News output, and some also work in other parts of the BBC.

Other BBC News presenters also provide relief presentation on programmes broadcast on this channel.

Not included in this list are the presenters of the programmes BBC Breakfast, Victoria Derbyshire

Ben BrownBBC News,BBC Weekend News,BBC News at Five,BBC News at Nine, BBC Newsroom Live,The Papers, Afternoon LiveRelief Presenter
Lukwesa BurakBBC News,BBC World News,World News Today,The Papers
Reeta ChakrabartiBBC News,BBC Weekend News,The Papers
Martine CroxallBBC News,The Papers, Afternoon Live
Huw EdwardsBBC News at Five
Christian FraserBeyond 100 Days, BBC News,BBC News at Five,The PapersRelief Presenter
Joanna GoslingBBC News,BBC Newsroom Live
Jane HillBBC News,
Rebecca JonesBBC News at Nine,BBC Newsroom Live,The PapersRelief Presenter
Shaun LeyBBC News,BBC Weekend News,The Papers
Geeta Guru-MurthyBBC News,The Papers
Simon McCoyBBC News,Afternoon Live
Carrie GracieBBC News,BBC News at Nine,Afternoon Live,BBC World News,World News Today
Annita McVeighBBC News at Nine,BBC Newsroom Live,BBC Weekend News
Clive MyrieBBC News,BBC Weekend News,BBC News at Five,The Papers,100+ Days
Rachel SchofieldBBC News,The Papers
Ben BlandBBC World News,BBC News,The PapersBusiness and Relief Presenter
Julian WorrickerBBC News,BBC Weekend News,BBC News at Five, The PapersRelief Presenter
Chris RogersBBC News,BBC News at Five, The Papers,BBC World News,World News Today
Carole WalkerBBC News,BBC News at Five, The Papers
Vicki YoungBBC NewsRelief Presenter[3]

BBC World News

Many of the presenters below also work on other BBC News output, and some also work in other parts of the BBC.

Other BBC News presenters also provide relief presentation on programmes broadcast on this channel.

Presenters who have normal shows and also Relief present have their relief shows in bold.

Reged AhmadBBC World NewsRelief Presenter
Matthew AmroliwalaGlobal
Ros AtkinsOutside Source
Tanya BeckettBBC World News,World News TodayRelief Presenter
Ben BlandBBC World News,The Breifing,World News TodayRelief Presenter
Sally BundockThe Briefing
David EadesBBC World News, GlobalRelief Presenter
Mike EmbleyBBC World News
Christian FraserBeyond 100 Days
Victoria FritzThe BriefingRelief Presenter
Karin GiannoneBBC World News,World News Today
Duncan GolestaniBBC World News,World News Today
Lucy GreyBBC World NewsRelief Presenter
Geeta Guru-MurthyBBC World News, ImpactRelief Presenter
Yalda HakimImpact
Celia HattonBBC World NewsRelief Presenter
Rico HizonNewsdayBased in Singapore
Lucy HockingsGMT
Katty KayBeyond 100 DaysBased in Washington
Sharanjit LeylNewsdayBased in Singapore
Kasia MaderaNewsday, World News Today,BBC World News
Nuala McGovernBBC World News
James MenendezBBC World NewsRelief Presenter
Jane O'BrienBBC World News America,Based in Washington,Relief Presenter
Krupa PadhyBBC World News
Simon PuseyBBC World News
Chris RogersBBC World News,World News TodayRelief Presenter
Stephen SackurGMT
Babita SharmaNewsday
Samantha SimmondsBBC World News, World News TodayRelief Presenter
Martin StanfordBBC World News,World News Today
Philippa ThomasImpactRelief Presenter
Laura TrevelyanBBC World News AmericaBased in WashingtonRelief Presenter
Lewis Vaughan-JonesBBC World News,World News Today, NewsdayRelief Presenter
Tim WillcoxBBC World News, Impact, GlobalRelief Presenter
Nada TawfikBBC World News AmericaBased in Washington

Radio news presenters

BBC Radio 2

Jeremy VineJeremy Vine
Harvey Cook[4][5]BBC News

BBC Radio 4

John HumphrysToday
Martha Kearney
Justin Webb
Mishal Husain
Nick Robinson
Matthew Price
Sarah MontagueThe World at One
Evan DavisPM[6]
Ritula ShahThe World Tonight
David Eades
Philippa Thomas
Carolyn QuinnSaturday PM,The Westminster Hour
Paddy O'ConnellBroadcasting House
Mark MardellThe World This Weekend

BBC Radio 5 Live

David JonesWake Up to Money
Mickey Clark
Rob Young
Nicky Campbell5 Live Breakfast
Lucy Grey
Rachel Burden
Chris WarburtonSaturday Breakfast,Sunday Breakfast,In Short
Eleanor OldroydSaturday Breakfast,The Friday Sports Panel
Sam WalkerSunday Breakfast
Adrian Chiles5 Live Daily
Peter AllenJane Garvey and Peter Allen
Sarah BrettAfternoon Edition
Mark KermodeKermode and Mayo's Film Review
Simon Mayo
Tony Livesey5 Live Drive
Anna Foster
Phil WilliamsThe Late News Hour
Stephen NolanStephen Nolan,Question Time Extra Time
Rhod SharpUp All Night
Dotun Adebayo
Danny BakerThe Danny Baker Show
Garry RichardsonSportsweek
John PienaarPienaar's Politics
Adrian Goldberg5 Live Investigates
Emma Barnett5 Live Daily

BBC World Service

Alan KasujjaNewsday
Shelagh FogartyAlternate
Julian WorrickerWeekend
Fergus Nicoll
Andrew PeachNewshour, The Newsroom, Weekend
Dan DamonWorld Update
Nuala McGovernOutside Source
Karin Giannone
Owen Bennett-JonesNewshourAlternate (on rotation)
James Coomarasamy
James Menendez
Lyse Doucet
Razia Iqbal
Julian Marshall
Tim Franks
Valerie SandersonThe Newsroom
Rob YoungBusiness Matters
Roger Hearing
Susannah Streeter
Pooneh GhoddoosiBBC Partner Hub


Foreign correspondents

The list below reflects correspondents' normal postings.

During major international events, such as the Libyan crisis of 2011 and the Gaza conflict of 2014, foreign correspondents may be redeployed from their normal bases to cover such stories temporarily on a rota (when they are usually branded "World Affairs Correspondents" or when in Europe "Europe Correspondents"), before returning to their normal base.

This can also happen to cover holidays mainly during July / August and over Christmas periods.

World Affairs

  • John Simpson
  • Lyse Doucet
  • Paul Wood
  • Emily Buchanan
  • Humphrey Hawksley
  • Richard Galpin[7]
  • Mark DoyleInternational Development Correspondent
  • Naomi Grimley –Global Affairs
  • Darrin Conway –Cameraman / ProducerWashington
  • Stephanie Hegarty -Global Population Correspondent[8]

US and Canada

  • Jon SopelNorth America EditorWashington
  • Gary O'DonoghueWashington
  • Katty KayWashingtonBBC World News America Presenter)
  • Laura Trevelyan– New York CityBBC World News America Presenter)
  • Kim GhattasWashington
  • Barbara Plett-UsherWashington(State Department)
  • Nick Bryant – New York City
  • Chris Buckler-Washington[9]
  • Sophie Long[10]
    • Los Angeles
  • David Willis– Los Angeles /Washington
  • Tom Brook– New York City(Entertainment)
  • Michelle Fleury– New York City business correspondent
  • Samira Hussain – Business
  • Jane O'Brien -Washington[11]
  • Aleem Maqbool[12]
  • Peter Bowes -Los Angeles[13]

Latin America

  • Wyre DaviesRio de Janeiro
  • Will GrantHavana
  • Katy Watson -São Paulo
  • Daniel Gallas - Business Correspondent


  • Katya AdlerBrussels
  • Kevin Connolly –Europe CorrespondentBrussels
  • Andrew Plant –Brussels/Bristol(Normally based)
  • Hugh Schofield– Paris
  • Lucy Williamson – Paris
  • Jenny HillBerlin
  • Damien McGuinness –Berlin
  • James Reynolds– Rome
  • David Willey– Rome
  • Nick ThorpeBudapest
  • Rob Cameron –Prague
  • Anna Holligan –The Hague
  • Steve Rosenberg– Moscow
  • Sarah Rainsford – Moscow
  • Jonah FisherKiev
  • Adam FlemingBrussels

Middle East

  • Jeremy Bowen
  • Sebastian Usher – BBC World Service
  • Jim MuirBeirut
  • Martin Patience –Beirut
  • Rami Ruhayem –Beirut
  • Lina Sinjab –Beirut
  • Orla GuerinCairo
  • Mark LowenIstanbul
  • Tom BatemanJerusalem
  • Quentin Sommerville


  • Fergal Keane
  • Anne Soy -Senior Correspondent
  • Arwa Barkallah -West Africa Correspondent
  • Bassam Bounenni –North Africa CorrespondentTunis[15]
  • Karen Allen -Johannesburg[16]
  • Andrew Harding –Johannesburg
  • Emmanuel Igunza -Ethiopia[17]
  • Alastair LeitheadNairobi
  • Rana Jawad –North Africa CorrespondentTunis
  • Lerato Mbele♦ –Cape Town(Business)
  • Mayeni Jones -Lagos
  • Tomi Oladipo - Africa Security Correspondent[19]


  • Celia Hatton
  • Rebecca Henschke –Indonesia Editor
  • Nick Beake -Myanmar Correspondent
  • Laura Bicker –Seoul[22]
  • Soutik Biswas -India Correspondent[23]
  • Robin Brant – Shanghai[24]
  • Sameer Hashmi –Mumbai(Business)
  • Jonathan HeadSouth East Asia CorrespondentBangkok
  • Rico Hizon♦ – Singapore (Asia Business Report,Newsday
  • Jonathan HeadSouth East Asia CorrespondentBangkok
  • Howard Johnson –Philippines[25]
  • Secunder Kermani –Afghanistan&Pakistan[26]
  • Juliana Liu – Hong Kong
  • David LoynKabul
  • Sanjoy MajumderDelhi bureau
  • Stephen McDonell – Beijing
  • Justin RowlattSouth Asia Correspondent?–Delhi
  • John Sudworth -Beijing[27]
  • Rajini Vaidyanathan –South Asia CorrespondentDelhi[28]
  • Rupert Wingfield-Hayes– Tokyo
  • Mariko Oi – Singapore / Toyko


  • Hywel Griffith – Sydney
  • Phil Mercer– Sydney

UK and Ireland correspondents

World Affairs Correspondent

  • Clive Myrie


  • Chris Page
  • Emma Vardy[29]


  • Glenn Campbell
  • Lorna Gordon


  • Sian Lloyd
  • Tomos Morgan

North of England

  • Judith Moritz
  • Danny Savage
  • Ed Thomas
  • Dan JohnsonVictoria Derbyshire


  • Sima Kotecha

Eastern England

  • Mark Worthington

South of England

  • Duncan Kennedy

West of England

  • Jon Kay

Specialist correspondents


  • Laura Kuenssberg
  • John Pienaar
  • Norman Smith
  • Vicki Young
  • Gary O'DonoghueWashington
  • Ross Hawkins
  • Iain Watson
  • Chris Mason[30][31]
  • Ben Wright
  • Eleanor Garnier
  • Alex Forsyth[32]
  • Mark Lobel
  • Susana Mendonça[33]
  • Leila Nathoo[34]
  • Jonathan Blake[35]
  • Rob WatsonBBC World News
  • Nick EardleyScotland
  • Mark Devenport –Northern Ireland
  • Nick Servini –Wales
  • Brian TaylorScotland


  • Mark D'Arcy
  • Esther Webber


  • Branwen Jeffreys
  • Sean Coughlan -Education and Family[36]
  • Elaine Dunkley[37]

Home Affairs

  • Mark Easton
  • Daniel Sandford
  • Danny Shaw
  • Tom Symonds
  • June Kelly
  • Dominic Casciani


  • Frank Gardner
  • Gordon Corera


  • Jonathan Beale
  • Jonathan Marcus[38]

Diplomatic and Royal

  • James Robbins
  • James LandaleDiplomatic
  • Caroline HawleyDiplomatic[39]
  • Paul Adams
  • Jonathan Marcus - Diplomatic[38]
  • Jonny Dymond –Royal
  • Nicholas WitchellRoyal
  • Daniela Relph –Royal
  • Sarah Campbell –Royal[41]

Business and Economics

  • Simon JackBusiness
  • Faisal IslamEconomics[42]
  • Joe LynamBusiness
  • Andrew VerityEconomics
  • Andrew Walker –Economics[43]
  • Emma Simpson –Business
  • Jonty Bloom –Business
  • Simon Gompertz –Personal and Finance
  • Theo Leggett - International Business[44]


  • Hugh Pym
  • Tulip MazumdarGlobal Health
  • Fergus WalshMedical
  • Nick Triggle
  • Sophie Hutchinson
  • Dominic Hughes
  • Jane Dreaper
  • Adam Brimelow

Social Affairs

  • Michael Buchanan
  • Alison Holt[46]
  • Nikki FoxMediaCityUK

Legal Affairs

  • Clive Coleman

Religious Affairs

  • Martin Bashir



  • Rory Cellan-Jones
  • Dave Lee –North America Technology Reporter
  • Richard Westcott
    Science and Tech[49]


  • David Shukman
  • Pallab Ghosh
  • Roger HarrabinEnvironment Analyst
  • Matt McGrath - Environment[50]
  • Claire Marshall
    Environment and Rural Affairs[51]
  • Rebecca MorelleGlobal Science
  • Victoria Gill -Global Science[52]
  • Richard Westcott
    Science and Tech[49]


  • Will Gompertz
  • Amol RajanMedia[53]
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Nick Higham♦ –Meet the Author presenter
  • Lizo MzimbaEntertainment
  • David Sillito –Media and Arts
  • Mark Savage –Music[54]


  • Dan RoanMediaCityUK
  • Andrew Benston
  • David Ornstein
  • Natalie Pirks
  • Andy Swiss
  • Richard Conway

Contributing Editors

  • Reeta Chakrabarti

Film Maker / Producers

  • Benjamin Zand
  • Darrin Conway – Washington

News correspondents

News Editor and Chief Correspondent:Special Correspondents:Correspondents:

Programme correspondents

Daily PoliticsToday/

Segment presenters

BBC News employs a number of business and sports presenters to anchor sections of news programmes.


PresenterRegular shifts
Vassos AlexanderThe Chris Evans Breakfast Show
Rob BonnetToday
Mike BushellBBC Breakfast,BBC News Channel[57]
Reshmin ChowdhuryBBC World News, BBC News Channel
Russell FullerBBC World Service,5 Live
Karthi GnanasegaramToday,5 Live,BBC News Channel,BBC Weekend News, Saturday Sportsday, BBC Breakfast
Lizzie Greenwood-HughesBBC News Channel,BBC Weekend News, Saturday Sportsday
Damian JohnsonBBC News Channel
Jonathan LegardToday,5 Live,BBC News Channel
Sally NugentBBC Breakfast
Garry RichardsonToday
Tim HagueBBC Sport
Tulsen TollettBBC World News
Olly Foster
Will Perry
Azi Farni
John Watson
Hugh Woozencroft
Jessica Creighton
Leah Bolleto
Steve Wyeth
James PearceRelief
Marc Edwards
Nick Marshall-McCormack
Katherine Downes
Ore Oduba
Sonali Shah
JJ Chalmers


PresenterRegular shiftsNotes
Alice BaxterBBC World News& Business BriefingRelief presenter
Sally BundockBBC World NewsandWorld Business ReportRelief presenter
Mickey ClarkWake Up to Money, 5 Live Breakfast
Sara CoburnBBC World News
Declan CurryBBC News Channel,Radio 5 Live
Victoria FritzBBC Breakfast,BBC World News,BBC News Channel
Aaron HeslehurstTalking Business with Aaron Heslehurst,BBC World News,BBC News Channel,Victoria Derbyshire
Rico HizonAsia Business Report,World Business Report
Rachel HorneBBC News Channel
Dominic LaurieBBC Breakfast,Radio 5 Live
Paul LewisBBC Breakfast,Money Box
Sharanjit LeylAsia Business Report,World Business Report
Lerato MbeleAfrica Business Report
Steph McGovernBBC BreakfastRelief presenter
Maryam MoshiriBBC News Channel,BBC World News
Vishala Sri Pathma
Sean FarringtonWake Up to Money,BBC Breakfast
Jamie RobertsonBBC World News, BBC Business,BBC News ChannelRelief presenter
Susannah StreeterBBC News Channel,BBC World News
Ben ThompsonBBC Breakfast,BBC World News, BBC Business,BBC News Channel,Victoria DerbyshireRelief presenter

Weather forecasters

BBC Weather is delivered by a team of Met Office broadcast meteorologists to deliver forecasts across its range of television and radio services. Most forecasters work across all mediums and shifts.

  • Philip Avery

  • Darren Bett

  • Stav Danaos

  • Chris Fawkes

  • Alina Jenkins

  • Sarah Keith-Lucas

  • Simon King

  • Carol Kirkwood

  • Louise Lear

  • Lucy Martin

  • Nick Miller

  • Susan Powell

  • Ben Rich

  • Tomasz Schafernaker

  • Matt Taylor

  • Helen Willetts

Programme presenters

Nima Abu-WardehMiddle East Business Report
Tom BrookTalking Movies
Jane HillThe Film Review
Sophie IkenyeFocus on Africa**
Lukwesa BurakFocus on Africa**
Lerato MbeleIn Business Africa
Nancy KacungiraIn Business Africa
Mark KermodeThe Film Review
Ade AdepitanThe Travel Show
Benjamin ZandThe Travel Show, Our WorldProducer
Evan DavisThe Bottom Line
Lerato MbeleAfrica Business Report
Spencer KellyClick
Naga MunchettySunday Morning Live
Andrew NeilAndrew Neil Interviews...,Daily Politics,Politics Europe,Newsnight,This Week
Jo CoburnDaily Politics,Politics Europe
Sarah SmithSunday Politics
Zeinab BadawiHARDtalk
Stephen Sackur
Rob BonnetHARDtalk Extra Time
Tim SebastianThe Doha Debates
Samira AhmedNewswatch
Andrew MarrThe Andrew Marr Show
John SimpsonBBC News: The Editors
Linda YuehTalking Business
David CoulthardInside F1,F1: Behind the Wheel
Stacey DooleyStacey Dooley Investigates(Shown onBBC Three)
Tanya BeckettWitness,Talking Business
James NaughtieMeet the Author
Rebecca Jones
Chloe TilleyWorld Have Your Say[58]

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