Leena or Leena La Bianca (born January 5, 1963) is the stage name of a former pornographic actress . [2]

Early life

She grew up in Denver , Colorado . She began in the amateur side of the pornography industry before moving to California to become a full-time pornographic actress, with her professional pornographic debut in a movie also entitled Leena (1992). [15] self-titled professional debut film, reviewed by Thomas McMahon, Adult Video News , December 1992.


She has appeared in the Showtime cable series Sherman Oaks (1995) and softcore B-movies , such as Other Men's Wives (1996) and Femalien (1996). [3] She has also acted in theater in the 1996 play Sweet Hostage [16] and in 1998, she was in The Actors' Gang play, Steeltown . [17] [18]