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DistributionPunjab (India) and Himachal Pradesh
Descended from:Katoch Rajputs
Founder:Raja Datar Chand
ReligionRajput: Hindu; Jatt: Sikh
LanguagesHindi, Punjabi

Dhadwal (also spelt Dadwal) is a gotra or clan of Katoch Rajputs, found in the state of Punjab and Himachal pradesh in India. They are part of the Hindu Punjabi community. The Rajput clan to which belongs the ancient ruling family of Datarpur, but said to take its name from Dada in Kangra on the Hoshiarpur border. The Ranas of Bit Manaswal or tableland of the Hoshiarpur Shivaliks were Dadhwal Rajputs. Dhadwal is additionally a Jatt surname alternatively spelt Thadwal or Dadhwal.

Rajput Dadhwal

In 1550, Raja Datar Chand founded the state Datarpur and named it after him. The Rajput Dadhwal's are found in the neighbourhood of Datarpur, the seat of their former sovereignty. They can further be found on the south west of the Shivaliks in the Hoshiarpur district of Panjab, Kangra, Hamirpur and Una districts of Himachal Pradesh near Dholbaha and Janauri or Janakpuri, its ancient name, which is still used. Janak was an ancient Suryavanshi ruler.

Mostly the gotra of Rajput Dadhwal's is Kashyap, in the lineage (pravaras) of the sage Kashyap.

The Rajput Dadhwal's are a branch of the Katoch and don't intermarry with them, or with the Gulerias or Sibayas on the ground of common decent.

They have an interesting local history which describes how they wrested the tract round Datarpur from a Chang rani.

The Rajput Dadhwal's have several als or families, whose name are derived from their settlements, like Janaurach, Dholbahia, Datarpuria, Fatehpuria, Bhanowalia, Khangwarch, Naruria, Rampuria etc. Datarpur is their chief village, but they have no system of chhats and makans.


The state was founded about 1550.

Rulers and estate holders were....

  • Raja DATAR CHAND, first Raja of Datarpur, he founded the state named after himself around 1550.

  • Raja GANESH CHAND, second Raja of Datarpur

  • Raja CHATAR CHAND, third Raja of Datarpur

  • Raja UDAI CHAND, fourth Raja of Datarpur

  • Raja PRITHI CHAND, fifth Raja of Datarpur

  • Raja JAI CHAND, sixth Raja of Datarpur

  • Raja DALEL CHAND, seventh Raja of Datarpur

  • Raja UGAR CHAND, eighth Raja of Datarpur

  • Raja NAND CHAND, ninth Raja of Datarpur

  • Raja GOVIND CHAND, tenth Raja of Datarpur 1806/1818, state reduced to the status of a Jagir in 1809 by Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore, married and had issue. He died 1818. Raja Jagat Chand ( qv )

  • Raja JAGAT CHAND, eleventh Raja of Datarpur 1818/1877, surrendered the state in 1818 and received a Jagir of 4,600Rs revenue for his maintenance, he rebelled in 1848 and was deported to Almora where he died; he married and had issue. He died 1877 at Almora. Mian Devi Chand ( qv ) Mian Hira Chand, married and had issue. Kumari (name unknown), married (as his sixth wife), Raja Bijai Sen of Mandi. Mian Udham Singh, born 1838 , granted a pension of 600Rs p.a., his family resided at Prithipur in Hoshiarpur District, a provincial Darbari of the Hoshiarpur district, he married a cousin of Rai Hira Chand of Babhaur, and had issue. Mian Sohan Singh, born 1865 . Mian Hukam Singh, born 1871 , married and had issue. Thakurani Jayanti Devi, married Thakur Nama Ram of Tantpalan (see Siba), and had issue. She died 1 August 1993. Mian Partab Singh, born 1873 . Kumari (name unknown), married (as his eighth wife), Raja Bijai Sen of Mandi. Mian Man Chand, died 1857. Rajkumari (name unknown), married (as his first wife), 21 July 1859, Raja Bijai Sen of Mandi.

  • Raja DEVI CHAND, twelfth Raja of Datarpur -/1883, born 1838 , married and had issue. He died 1883. Mian Surma Chand, he succeeded as Raja Surma Chand, Head of the Princely Family of Datarpur ( qv ) Mian Raghbir Chand, born 1842 , he was granted a pension of 420Rs per annum from the British Government, married and had issue. He died 1910. Mian Baldev Chand, he succeeded as Raja Baldev Chand, Head of the Princely Family of Datarpur ( qv ) Kumari (name unknown), married (as his seventh wife), Raja Bijai Sen of Mandi. Mian Balrai Chand, born 1866 . Mian Sheorai Chand, born 1870 . Mian Hira Chand, born 1877 . Mian Hari Balrai Chand, born 1881 .

  • Raja SURMA CHAND, thirteenth Raja of Datarpur, born 1838 , resided in Jammu, a General in the army of the Maharaja of Jammu.

  • Raja BALDEV CHAND, fourteenth Raja of Datarpur, married and had issue, one son. He died after 1960. Tikka Durga Chand, he succeeded as Raja Durga Chand, Head of the Princely Family of Datarpur ( qv )

  • Raja DURGA CHAND, fifteenth Raja of Datarpur, married a daughter of the Raja of Bilaspur, and had issue, three sons and two daughters. Tikka Udey Bhanu Chand, he succeeded as Raja Udey Bhanu Chand, Head of the Princely Family of Datarpur ( qv ) Kanwar Surinder Chand, married Kanwarani Tara Devi, daughter of Colonel Rai Hoshiar Singh Pathania of Reh (see Nurpur), served in the Jammu and Kashmir Army and A.D.C. to the then Maharaja Hari Singhji of Jammu and Kashmir, and had issue, one son. Kanwar Deepak Singh, married Kanwarani Asha Kumari, daughter of Thakur Anoop Singh of Mamun Cantt. Pathankot, Punjab, and has issue, two sons. (Datarpur, Himachal Pradesh, India) Kanwar Bhrigender Singh, born 1992 . Kanwar Kapilander Singh, born 1994 . Kanwar Oma Chand, he died at the early age of 27 years.

  • Raja UDEYBHANU CHAND, sixteenth Raja of Datarpur, married Rani Hemlata Kumari, born 1923 , died 2000, daughter of Raja Lakshman Singh of Amb in Jaswan, and his first wife, Rani Tottan Dei, and had issue, two sons. Tikka Rajeshwar Singh Kanwar Rameshwar Singh

  • Raja GYANENDRA CHAND, seventeenth Raja of Datarpur

Jatt Dhadwal

The surname of Dhadwal is prevalent within the Jatt community, especially in Kapurthala, Punjab. They are believed to have migrated from the Hoshiarpur district. [-1] The Jatt Dhadwal's are believed to have all descended from a common ancestor who moved to Punjab from the Himachal Pradesh and Jammu border area and took a Jat wife by the name of Maa Lakhi in the late sixteenth century, the village of Lakhpur was the land gifted to the couple by Maa Lakhi's father. The Jatt Dhadwal Jathera is in Lakhpur.


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