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Early founding history

ZAZA [4] ​ was founded by Zhazira and Arsen Lepess and company was established in January 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As the founder Zhazira Lepess [2] ​ states in many videos and conferences, the idea of founding the company came after both founders, being serial entrepreneurs, encountered many difficulties in the Business World. The name of the company derives from the initials of the names of their Founders Z for Zhazira and A for Arsen.

Company rebranded from ‘’’’ to only ‘’ZAZA’’ in February 2018.

Company concept and vision

ZAZA [4] ​ is a decentralized business platform and B2B network powered by Blockchain ​ technology. The platform is a marketplace, a meeting point between demand and supply for goods and services but that acts also as a business network where businesses can establish contact between them and partner with one another.

The main goal of the platform is to connect business communities, sellers and buyers worldwide and to help SME’s find clients easily.

In this way the company aims to improve the productivity of companies and reduce their failure rate.

The company is using Blockchain technology in order to provide transparency of business history, transactions, reviews and through Smart contract ​s, users will be able to perform trading transactions in a secure way.

Anyone can register in the platform as a Business profile or Individual Profile. Both types of profiles are measured by an index called Index of Business Activity or Index of Social Activity that will be calculated through an algorithm measuring all types of activities inside the platform itself. The more active in ZAZA platform, the higher your index.

According to ZAZA’s Whitepaper [3] ​the platform itself will have 3 main functionalities:

  • Deal Generator is described as a mechanism used only for enquiries and demands that businesses have. A demand mechanism that every time a business has an enquiry about a specific good/service in an industry, all companies included in that industry that offer that good/service will see the request in real-time and send their quotation or best offer possible. In this way the company wants to solve the issue of finding clients because the enquirer will receive lots of offers and choose from the best and the companies will receive lots of requests/inquiries and pick their potential clients. Both parties will win from using the mechanism.
  • Business Network is described as the feature that will connect businesses worldwide and enable them to create potential partnerships. Each business can review each other’s business profiles, business activity index, reviews, chat with them, establish connection, follow their activity, just like in a Social media ​ but dedicated mainly to the businesses.
  • Marketplace will provide for all Sellers an opportunity to trade goods and services, promote all their products in the Ads dashboard and increase their business activity.

The business model of the company is offering free registration in the platform, free usage of the mechanism Deal Generator in placing and receiving enquiries and free placement of Ads in the dashboard.

According to official documentation the revenue is projected to come from: Featured ads, featured company profiles, smart contracts usage, yearly subscription fee of one of the packages offered and also banners revenue from different companies in the website.

All categories of products and services are included in the platform excluding only: Selling/Buying/Renting of Properties, Selling/Buying/Renting of Cars, Job Seeking Market.

The project’s transactions and payments of the paid services are to be made in ZAZA tokens, the digital token that the company will issue and use in the platform.

Company Timeline

The company was established in the 3rd of January 2017 and started its initial product development later that month. In December 2017 the company opted to improve the concept of the platform and make usage of the Blockchain technology. At the same time

the project decided to go for a crowdfunding process to facilitate the collection of the investment required in order to further develop the platform on blockchain.

In the months of June-July 2018 the company went for a Pre-Sale of its native token (used in the platform), closing successfully the first two small milestones set in their Business Plan.

The platform [5] ​ has scheduled to launch a Beta version in November 2018. The official launch of a fully operational platform is scheduled for the end of Q1 2019 and then scale the platform usage worldwide in a 3-year period.

As per their official roadmap scaling is planned to happen in the following order:

In Q3 2019 Europe; Q1 2020 North America; Q3 2020 Asia; Q4 2020 Australia & New Zealand; Q2 2021 South America; Q3 2021 Africa.

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