Yanet Garcia

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Yanet Garcia is a Mexican model and meteorologist for Televisa Monterrey.


Yanet is primarily famous for wearing tight dresses during her newscasts in which she reveals her gloriously voluptuous body. In addition to the simple fact that she is a beautiful woman, Garcia is also known for her signature 'left turn'. The 'left turn' is a maneuver in which she transitions from facing the camera head-on to a side-facing silhouette view in which the curves of her body are perfectly outlined for the viewer. Typically, the weather reports she conducts consist of a simple reporting of the minimum, maximum, and nighttime temperatures for the day and/or week, all of which are easily available online, but popularity of the report is carried by her visual appeal.

Yanet exploded onto social media when YouTube channel FTD News posted a video entitled "Hot Weather Reporter Shows Off Butt On TV - Yanet Garcia". [11] The video provides clips of some of one of her early broadcasts as well as derivative commentary. The video went viral at the time of posting and skyrocketed her Twitter ​ and Instagram ​ numbers to 175,000 and 650,000 followers, respectively, as of August of 2015. As of February, 2018 she has 606K Twitter followers and 5.6M Instagram followers. [2] [17]


On June 21st, 2015, the professional Call of Duty player FaZe Censor posted a video proclaiming his love for Yanet, literally titled "I'M IN LOVE!". [12] After the video was posted, Yanet received tweets from Censor's followers explaining his interest in her. Shortly thereafter, Yanet followed Censor and the two began exchanging direct messages. Soon after, Censor flew to Mexico to meet Yanet, and the two went out to dinner. The two were a wonderful match and she began dating Censor. [14] They are still together, with Yanet most recently posting about Censor on August 21st, 2016, wishing him a happy birthday. [15]

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