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Yael Lavie is a journalist, broadcaster, and producer operating out of Israel. She is a broadcast journalist at blockchain and cryptocurrency news platform, BLOCKTV. [1]


Lavie attended the School of Visual Arts where she earned a BFA in film, video and photographic arts. [1]


Lavie spent nearly 12 years climbing the ladder at ABC News. She started out as a field producer in the Middle East Bureau where she field-produced special investigative projects for Primetime Live! and 20/20. She moved on to produce, write and edit domestic and international breaking news, political and anchor feature pieces as a segment producer for Good Morning America. Lavie traveled to London to become an overseas producer of Good Morning America for content in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She was tasked with finding, pitching, developing, shooting, writing and direct editing of breaking news, investigative pieces and features. She covered events like the Yugoslavian Revolution, 2nd Intifada, War on Terror, Operation Enduring Freedom, September 11 attacks aftermath, and many more. She later became a producer for World News Tonight where she developed news segments for the weekend evening news. Finally, she spent the last two years of her career at ABC News as a senior producer. Lavie began producing special documentaries, also becoming an overseas producer on rotation for Baghdad ABC news ops. She was actively on assignment in Iraq during Saddam Hussein's capture, the Fallujah 2004 battle, and the Shiite uprising in Sadr city. She also spent some time as an editorial producer on Operation Enduring Freedom for Good Morning America, traveling through areas like Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq during the war. [1]

Lavie then worked at Sky for a little over five years where she held several roles. She was lead managing producer for all Middle East breaking news stories on their 24 hour news network, covering Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt and the "Arab Spring " extensively. She was managing field producer for the Mumbai attacks, Georgia-Russia war, and Haiti earthquake aftermath and also worked as the Jerusalem Bureau senior editorial producer in charge of daily coverage of breaking news in Israeli/Palestinian territories.

Shortly afterwards, Lavie became managing and launch editor at the Haaretz video online department where she set up facilities, hired and managed a staff of 15, and governed all facets of online reportage. She was also an Op-ed and magazine contributor for both Ha'aretz English edition and Int. Herald Tribune. Lavie then got behind the camera as a morning news anchor for i24NEWS in Jaffa, Israel.

Since 2014 Lavie has been a media ethics visiting lecturer at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications in Tel Aviv. In 2019 Lavie started as a broadcast journalist for BLOCKTV, the leading televised news source for the blockchain community.

Personal Life

Yael Lavie comes from a family of entertainers. She is the younger daughter of the late singer Aric Lavie and the actress and singer Shoshik Shani. Her sister Noa is also a singer and actress. She was born in the U.S. while her father was appearing on Broadway in "To Live Another Summer, To Pass Another Winter".

Lavie left ABC because she was beoming disenchanted with American media, in her own words: [2]

I had an Israeli intelligence source who is close to American intelligence officials," she said. "During the 90 hours of broadcasting, I spoke to him and he told me, 'within a year the U.S. will enter Iraq and this is the excuse.' This was before Afghanistan, before Bush's speech. I went to my bosses and asked them to do an interview, even off the record, with this man. The answer I received was that it is unpatriotic to do something like that. It was the Bush era, when a journalist got up at a White House press conference and asked whether [America] ought to examine whether its foreign policy was one reason why this happened, and Ari Fleischer [the White House spokesman at the time] told her he did not think she was asking a very patriotic question. It was a situation in which a country that sanctifies freedom of the press collapsed. To this day, it is still the same to a large extent. For example, you won't see funerals, because we were banned from covering them. I found this situation very hard to accept


Film [3] Role Date
Good Morning America Field Producer 2006
Jesus, Mary, and Da Vinci Producer 2004
Tsunami: Wave Of Destruction Segment Producer 2004
ABC 2002 Producer 2001
Lamo Lo Amart Li Director, Writer, Actress 2017
How We Won Director, Writer 2013
Youtube Video
Yael Lavie talking about tenth anniversary of Sadaam Hussein capture
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