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Woop, real nameChuck Ford, is an American rapper from the 700 block of West Orlando, Florida. [1]

Personal Life

Woop attended Sante Fe College in Gainesville, Florida and was a stellar basketball player, but his career took a hit when he was charged with attempted murder. Woop's suffered a lot of loss in his life, he explained that his step-father was shot in the head and his friend Disco Jr died after being stabbed in the stomach. [1]

Woop fancies himself an expert joint roller.



Woop got started on the rap scene in 2013 with his mixtapeWoop Nation, he followed that up withWoop Lingo and*#IDGAF*. He earned a mention byTheFader in 2014 and has collaborated with Plies, Kodak Black Yo Gotti, and Migos, Kevin Gates, Bobby Shmurda, Peewee Longway and more. [5]

His career came to a sudden halt in late 2015 when Woop was arrested for his involvement in a brutal robbery that left someone in need of surgery.

Not long afterwards he was put away for two years after a 2010 charge for "throwing a missile at a building" surfaced.


Woop has been musically active since being released, playing a comeback show on Easter Sunday with Plies and Bossman JD. He shared that being incarcerated gave him to write and hone his craft. He immediately embarked on a lengthyIDGAF tour after being released from jail and signed with legendary music executive L.A. Reid. [4] [7]


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