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Wali Da Great

Wali Da Great

Wali Da Great (real name Wali Smitherly Jackson born August 15, 1998 in Houston,Texas) is an American rapper, actor and songwriter.

Wali Da Great is the founder of vanity label Zone X Records.

Early life


Wali Da Great.

grew up with his single mother in 5th ward Houston,Texas

During his highschool year, Wali Da Great had financial and spiritual struggles,so he moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Where he met rapper Gucci Mane, who lived in the same apartment buildings, with whom he would later collaborate with on several mixtapes.


  • Trap Muzik 2K17 [1] (2017)

  • Zone 4(2018)

  • Known Cryp (2018)

  • Southside Gangstah (2019)


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