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Vince Van Meer (born July 13th, 1995) is a Dutch entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist based in Rotterdam. He is the founder of Rocketviral, which specializes in helping brands craft their social media strategy.[1]


Early Life & Education

Van Meer working on a plane

Van Meer is originally from the small town of Roosendaal in the Netherlands. Growing up, Van Meer was an avid gamer and was so passionate about gaming, that he started programming and developing his own games. This would lead Van Meer down a path of pursuing technology projects both in media and online. During his formal studies at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, he specialized in interactive media design and later focused on audiovisual design. He wanted to quit school after three years in order to spend more attention on his businesses but later reconsidered and spent his fourth year of school studying business and completing his studies to earn his diploma. Van Meer's final year consisted of him traveling a lot but still getting his work done. He graduated cum laude and skipped university to focus on his businesses full-time.[6]

When he was a teenager, Van Meer started his own YouTube channel called Xtrasmallspacer which garnered millions of views. At the time, Van Meer was working at McDonald's and although he wanted to quit his job there because he was making money from his YouTube channel, his parents strongly encouraged him to stay there with the reasoning that it would be positive for his development. When he was 17, Van Meer started taking professional pictures and videos at a nightclub in his area, a hustle that he would pursue for around year.

Social Media Experience and Success

Van Meer on the Las Vegas Strip

Van Meer's first experience with social media was when he signed up for Instagram in 2013. He became interested in growth-hacking techniques on the platform and decided to create a number of fashion accounts on it. Using growth strategies such as following fashion-minded users, going shoutout-for-shoutout with similar level accounts, and buying shoutouts from larger ones, Van Meer grew a fashion influencer empire. At its peak, Van Meer owned 6 fashion accounts totaling hundreds of thousands of followers; some accounts had over 500k.

Soon after growing a formidable presence on Instagram with his accounts, multiple brands contacted him in order to promote their brands. From accepting their offer, Van Meer realized that over time, ads on his accounts greatly lowered his engagement. He concluded it would be better to start his own brand catered to his audiences. By sticking with one brand, Van Meer was able to establish trust and familiarity with his audience and build a successful E-commerce = business which he would sell a few months later.

Present-Day Businesses

A picture of Vince Van Meer

Currently, Van Meer has his own ecommerce consulting firm Rocketviral where he helps brands and influencers both big and small on their business strategy, marketing, social media reach, and product development. In addition, he is currently working on a new crop of Instagram accounts with games being at the forefront of them and is gathering a team of content managers and creators to start working on them as soon as possible. Outside the internet, Van Meer is working on a number of real estate projects in the Netherlands as well as investments.

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