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Vilija Vitkute is an Lithuanian Artist ​ known for her work in camouflage bodypaint set in real natural settings in the Nordic ​ as well as wooded areas of Europe ​. [1] [2] ​ In early April of 2018, her work in bodypainting went viral on the internet. [3]

Photo of Vilija Vitkute while in nature.

Personal Life

Vitkute was born and raised in the country of Lithuania ​ for most of her life. [4] ​Growing up, she always dreamt of becoming an artist and always found solace in the world of art. Art was always her escape and a dream. [5]

Growing up she spent time in the hospital due to illnesses. Due to her constant visits to the hospital, her mother decided to take her daughter out into to nature. [6] ​ The two would go to hikes in nature at an island called, Kuršių nerija ​. This started when she was about 6 years old, and each time she would reach the top, she should shout and feel closer to god. [7]

"The Goddes of Sun" Bodypaint, paper art, photography by Vilija Vitkute . Art Model is Linn Mann.

She currently lives in Sweden ​ in the city of Stockholm where she has worked as an artist in the last few years. [8] [9]

For 18 years of her life she was a part of an art school where she learned a lot about art style and music. [10]



Vitkute has been an artist for as long as she remembers knowing about herself. [11] ​ She has completed works in the following areas: Fine art, bodypainting, film/video directing, photography, and performance art. [12]

She likes to paint bodies as like a canvass as a way for the human body to explore its relation to nature.  She has travelled the world creating different projects with body art, from the mountains in Morocco to the barren landscapes of Lofoten, Norway. [13]

Youtube Video
Vilija Vitkute for Paper Passion.

Awards & Prizes

Her art and videos have won a number of prizes and awards in Sweden. Some of her awards include: Dalarnas Culture prize of 2015; Borlänge culture price of 2014; and Dalarnas Music Awards Best music video of 2015. [14]


She has been performing and exhibiting in Venice Bianalle 2015, Avesta Art, Waterfront Stockholm, BOOM festival, Amsterdam International Art Fair, Falun Magazinet, Peace & Love festival, Agitagueda art festival. [15] [16]

Vilija competes in World Bodypainting championships in 2017 she got 4th place. [17]

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