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Victor Greywolf was born in August 18, 1974 to parents from South America. He lived in New York City ​ until age 16, when he moved to Chicago, Illinois ​, which he says is mistake number 1.*

At age 5 or 6, due to having problems with kids, he was very much a loner that stuck to being with television, and later developed an interest in cartoons. He especially liked Fleischer Superman cartoons ​, Terrytoons ​, Filmation ​, Hanna Barbera ​, and others. This lead to him, through his mom who loved voices to do impressions, which he still practices to this day. Is thinking of making one of his own cartoons.

In 1987, after hearing the song " Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head ​" got into drawing his first comic books, which were adventures of him and his friends, until June of 1989, in which he drew his first super hero comic book, which was inspired by the movie "Batman", Drew it from 1989-95, when he took a cartooning class in January of that year in a local college, and drew a comic strip from 95-03, when he officially stopped drawing all together, until 2012, when he brought back his anti hero series. His inspiration for drawing comic books was Batman and Superman ​. Influences were Walt Disney, Charles Schulz ​ and Gary Owens ​.

Developed an interest in cinema after watching the movies The Karate Kid and The Cannonball Run .

A year after moving to Illinois, he made a life changing decision via seeing a flier for an audition for a variety show in High School, which sealed an interest in both acting and stand up comedy. He performed stand up for his friends birthday parties from 1984-1987.* Influences were Andrew Dice Clay ​​, Bill Cosby ​, Rodney Dangerfield ​, Sam Kinison ​, Gilbert Gottfried ​, and Mel Brooks.

Became a sex positive person in 1986, after seeing a Playboy Magazine centerfold, and looking at VEA magazines. Often in his albums, made fun of conservatives, prudes, and anti sex people.

Became interested in XXX cinema after watching a movie in New York with a friend of his three months before moving to Chicago. Movie was Campus Capree. Aspires to make a porno.

Tried to start a band in 1986, 1996, and 2004. All three times failed to come to Fruition* Is planning to try to start a band again.

After getting out of school in 1993, life started getting difficult for him for a little bit, due to a loss of a pet, and getting a job he wound up regretting in the summer of 1994, he decided to go for non credit classes at a local community college. This class lead him to briefly draw a comic strip he really liked doing from 1995-03. The comic strip came to his mind as something, since he wasn't allowed to draw famous characters, and also since he liked looking at them when he was a kid.

He Also discovered singles dances, and re-kindled his interest in cinema. Rediscovered religion briefly from 1995-99.

In 1996, through a question of his that was answered via a public access show, decided to go for certification as a public access producer one year later, and started one television show and two specials, one in which he was an executive producer for in 1998, and again in 2003. His other television show was about interviewing people of various occupations. He also enrolled via a television show for a correspondence course in writing. From 1996-99.

1997 and 1998, along with producing his own show in cable access he got into via a question that was answered to him in a program, he enrolled in a voice-over class, due to his interest in it, via his childhood. First time failed, second time got in. Recorded a professional demo in December 30th 1997, and again in 2012, and 2014. He also tried to get into an animation program, but due to finances, he was unable.*

Through an advertising in a small continuing education book in 1997, he found a course to become a film extra, and did it from 1998-01. Films were Never Been Kissed , and Return to Me , along with three episodes of ER .

After in which time he advertised his services in the Illinois film office to be a production assistant for show, and he worked from 2004-06.

After a severe bout with Depression in 1998, in 1999 he enrolled in a course that also helped him cope with life and possibly launch a potential career: Stand up comedy. He had his first television shot in Vernon Hills, and performed in various venues from Orland Park to Barrington. This would last from September 2nd, 1999 until September 25, 2005. He briefly returned in 2006, and again in 2012, performing at a local community college. *

Received in 1997, two auto emails from Rodney Dangerfield saying he had a good sense of humor. Started his career in stand up comedy as a result. Also got certified with public access television. Started to produce three shows on there. Left it in Spring of 1999, and returned briefly in 2003-04.

Was once a test subject in 1998 for some products.. Company was in the suburbs of Cook County.

1998, he started to become disillusioned with the concept of God and religion, and became an agnostic until December, 2000 when a bad experience at a church dance made him become a full fledged Atheist, and he is one to this day. Officially came out in You tube in April, 2008* This was met with mostly positive results.

Also in Spring, 1999 was the very first time he discovered film festivals, and submitted 9 years later.

Late 1999, along with stand up comedy, and writing scripts, and a part in a play near his house called "Blythe Spirit", where he played a moving picture, he enrolled in Judo, which was a good experience for him. Again in 2001, and 05. Also took a brief kick boxing lesson in January 2000, and in 2014, Sambo. Both failed to come to Fruition, but he doesn't regret it.

A year before his final performance in Orland Park, IL, he was in a mall and seeing artists who were younger than him making albums of all kinds, and felt very angry that younger people were making albums, and he struggled. He then decided, after a few more open mic nights to try his hand at making an album in a professional recording studio, so he got his hands on a newspaper called the Illinois Entertainer and called some, and found one and two days before his 28th birthday, made his debut album "I understand life, why doesn't life understand me", a title that he came up with via a conversation in a car with his father in 2002. It was his first successful Spoken word album.

Tried to make a sitcom pilot happen in 2003, and was contacted by an arts newspaper in Chicago. Often contacts them when he can. Wrote the sitcom script in 2001.

Had a website in 2004-07. Enjoyed working on it, and launched in on October 7, 2004. Closed it in July 2007. He was also in a few films from 1998-2011. None ever premiered. Was in a Hindustanic/Italian themed film in 2004. He played a pizza place owner.

2005 was a funny year for him. He was struggling with acting and producing and on a message board, he was told by someone to make a film about a day in his life, thus launching his career as a film maker with a film suggested to him on a message board. Also had a falling out with someone over his album. Last performance on stage: September 25, 2005

2006 was a sad year for him, after the loss of his beloved Samoyed, he found a chance to make a movie while working on another movie, that would become his biggest hit and claim to being known, or on some websites: a claim to "fame", after seeing the movie "Bill Cosby himself", and the trailer for "Save it for the stage, The life of Reilly", the movie is "The Victor Greywolf One Man Show",* which was completed in August 12, 2008. Three months before he headed to Nevada for a brothel Tour.

His first newspaper interview was in the summer of 2006 in a newspaper in another part of Illinois. Title was "Writer/Extra settles for Stand up". Came back for one day in stand up in Oak Lawn, IL, November 23rd, day before thanksgiving.

September 2007,  got a live journal account in which he writes in. Still uses it to this day.

January 2-2008-November 30th, 2008, he launched his first and only you tube account in which he made videos. A decision that ended with mixed results.

After his tour in the brothels of Nevada ended in November of 2008, he completed the movies he made, and was getting ready to get them edited. The first film to be edited was on June 9 in Skokie, IL. The one man show. He submitted it to a film festival in Nevada, as well as Tennessee. Tennessee didn't happen, but Nevada did. As a result, he won his first platinum reel award, the highest one in the film festival.*

February, 2010, he got his second film done, but didn't get the highest award, but got second place again in Nevada. In which time, he was working on a script based on his trip to Nevada, and back. He enrolled in a recording course that year at a local community college, which he said was a good experience for him. He then proceeded to write the sequel to the one man show entitled: Victor Greywolf we Hardly knew Yee.

Summer/winter 2010, he submitted to Sundance and Slamdance, thus getting his first IMDB page, which he greatly enjoys tinkering with to this day.

Tried go kart racing in Feburary 2011. Didn't have a good result. Hasn't done it since.

Summer 2011, he submitted to a film festival in Michigan, and won three awards, and it was the first festival to premier the one man show. Unfortunately he couldn't attend the premier. He also began the job of dog sitting which was something he enjoyed immensely. It went from 2011, and again in 2014, and again in 2016.

Also, in 2011 discovered something called meetup, and has gone to many groups, and still does to this day when he can.

Decided in 2011 to record his next album in Elgin, which failed, and recorded a year later in Grayslake, IL. This recording lead to the next album entitled "The ultimate Controversy".

After the death of his Cocker Spaniel, he narrated a book that was written by his brother in law and sister, in a studio which impressed the recorder and lead to him having a chance to record professionally.

He recorded his second attempt at the children's book 2 years later in Joliet, IL. He recorded his first voice-over demo in 2012, or 2013, and another one in 2014.

Got an account on Face book in 2011. It was a decision he says he deeply regretted, especially since he had problems with people from a region of California, but outside of that, he got discovered by some people. He was interviewed in 2012 twice, and found some other places to join. He left face book officially in January 22nd, 2015. His account was closed in February 9, 2015.

Summer 2012: Got two awards in another festival in Nevada.

December 2012: Got an account with a place called CD Baby, and got his Debut album on there. His most successful to this date. Two people bought it. Also was hired to teach a course for film makers on a low budget.

After another severe depression in January, 2013 due to a fall, he bounced back with more issues in his comic books.

March 2013: First taught his course in a film school in Chicago, IL.

April 2013: Got his second album released on CDbaby entitled, "The ultimate Controversy".

In June of the same year, he became an uncle to a bouncing baby girl.

January 2014: Along with a singing course, he was enrolled as a volunteer for a card project for a non profit place, which he did from 2014-2016. Quite enjoyed actually.

Summer, 2014: After a failed fruition with the Sambo course, as well as a singing class, he sent after talking to someone in a radio station, both of his albums to Colorado. A track from the ultimate controversy was played in July 24, 2014 on that station.*

October 2014, he was interviewed for a child free woman's website. Something he is proud of. Met with positive results.

January-March 2015: Got his first guitar from his brother in law and performed his first guitar open mic in a music store. Didn't go very well, but plays guitar on and off. Also has started playing the drums. Enjoys it.

Spring/Summer, 2015, found an artists site via a friend who emailed him, and thus wrote one guest blog on film making one for advice for actors, Was also interviewed by a Canadian film magazine.

Fall, 2015: his debut album was played on awesome insanity surfers under a different name. Met with positive results. Recorded third album. Didn't pan as well.

November, 2015 Got his third comedy special edited. Plans to send it out.

December 1st: A fan of Andy Williams, he recorded, after two or three years planning, without music of course, his debut holiday singing album. Plans to release it under another name*

January, 2016: Started working on origin issue of his anti hero.

February, 2016, he went to meet with a photographer for a head shot. Couldn't afford it. Found another one. Plans to go to them soon.

March 2016: Got his final guest blog on artists website published, and got interviewed by someone in Kansas the same month.

April, 2016: Discovered the website Wrote first article on there, rejected, second article accepted.

May, 2016: Completed his recent album*,  Wrote third article for, Accepted.

May 27,  2016: Discovered everipedia. Got a page on there soon after.

August, 2016. Relative passed away from natural causes. Also completed a graphic novel of the origin of his anti hero, and got his debut holiday album edited and ready for distribution.

October 2016: Got his recent head shot.

November 2016: Got his holiday album and recent comedy album edited.

December 2016: Debut release of new comedy album entitled "A legend in their own mind" on CD Baby released.

January, 2017: Got a drum set, and started playing it, as well as continuing to play his guitar. Also recorded his third voice-over demo.

Started in March recording some episodes of his to be released pod cast. Also drew his first comic strip in 14 years.

Is a fan of Frank Zappa and considers him a life influence, minus the smoking..*

Is a fan of Marilyn Chambers, and dedicated four movies to her memory. Aspires to make a XXX movie.*

Is pro LGBT, pro sex worker rights, and pro same sex marriage. Became pro after a falling out with an actor in 2006. Has been pro ever since.

Aspires to open a legal brothel in Nevada, after completing his brothel tour in 2008.

Likes to make meatloaf. Considers it very relaxing, as well as work on things he does.

Suffered from depression since age 7.

Likes to play video games, especially retro ones. Is planning to write a script inspired by one from a video game company in the 80's.

Did Speed dating from January, 2014-August, 2015. Enjoyed it on a tremendous level.

Enjoys photography, and reading.

Does plan another tour of the Brothels in Nevada in the future, as well as maybe seeing Nebraska and Wyoming.

Works out at the gym 2-5 days a week when he can. Is planning to return in November or December.

Got himself a boxing bag at a store in 2015. Works out on it as often as he can.

Developed an interest in the swingers lifestyle after researching it in 2001.

Has always had an interest in older women. Prior to his trip to Nevada, had 10 brief relationships with older women, starting in 1994-2016.

Plans to make an animated project to continue art work.

Is currently working on a pod cast of his own, and has some pages on celebrity sites, and plans to bring back his comic book series.

[June/July, 2017] Completed both a singing album, and working on a new issue of his comic book, and taking a class in guitar playing, and performing on open mic nights, in Buffalo Grove, IL. Plans to release the singing album in the fairly distant future.

From 2006-2016 was interviewed on many places, from small pages to self publishing magazines.

July 9, 2017: Holiday album is now released.  Title is: Happy Holidays, I dedicate this album to yee, under the name Johnny Wassail.

Enjoys Martial arts. Plans to try it again soon. Also is planning to get into Hang Gliding, as well as skeet shooting. Plans to try to learn how to make cheese, and maybe bacon.

From 2010-March 20,2013 he was stalked online by a blogger in California. Although there was no physical confrontation, the stalker seemed to stop in March 20, 2013.

Likes to travel out west when he can.

Has recorded an acoustic guitar album that he is planning to release. Is currently in the editing process.

[November, 2017] Is getting ready to take a martial arts trial class in Muay Thai.

Also is in the works for a new straight to video stand up special, as well as a debut holiday concert under the name "Johnny Wassail".

Completed an issue of his anti hero series in December 2017.

Has a listing on some celebrity sites (agehaireyecolor) and is also listed on sites like namesdictionary, famous people named Victor, and historyhop with the "claim to fame" entitled: "The Victor Greywolf One Man show."

Is currently in the works for a straight to video holiday concert as well as a stand up concert. A new album is being worked on. Also a possible script.


With all of this behind him, he is looking forward to more accomplishments.


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