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Unherd is a Media​ company which aims to provide the most relevant information rather than the most recent news.[1]


Unherd (stylized UnHerd) is a new media platform. It is a Homonym​ of the word "Unheard", alluding to the arcane nature of their information. Their aim is "to appeal to people who instinctively refuse to follow the herd, and to investigate ‘unheard’ ideas, individuals and communities". They claim that they are "not a news site". The focus of their  Journalism​ is documenting the significant events going on in the world, filtering out the distractions to give the readers what they really need to know.[1]

They fous on five major themes: Capitalism​, Technology​, flyover country, Religion​, and Groupthink​. The company believes that good political coverage goes beyond what is overheard in Westminster or on Capitol Hill and that covering the economy should mean exploring the world beyond Wall Street​ and Davos​. [1]

UnHerd is non-partisan and strives to provide neutral and unbiased information. [1]

The company is based in London​, United Kingdom​. [2]


Tim Montgomerie​ is the Founder​ of the company. Charlotte Pickles is the Managing editor​. [1]

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