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Underground Cellar

Underground Cellar

Underground Cellar is an online subsciption based wine marketplace that allows discovery of premium wine through random rewards and referral based reward system.

Underground Cellar approaches the premium wine market using a different model in which subscribers of the website are given higher end wines on a randomized basis to experience brands they otherwise did not expect to be able to afford.

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The company was founded by Jeffrey Shaw in 2013.

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Underground Cellar is a Y Combinator company.

Each week Underground Cellar releases exclusive offers for members only at low prices.

Underground Cellar offers a "cloud cellar" for professional storage of your wine collection until you are ready to drink it.

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Citation Linkfafmag.comEveripedia founder Mahbod Moghadam declares Underground Cellar his official “sex startup”; continuing with "Ever since I joined, I can tell people I have a 'wine cellar' even though I am in fact living a pretty ghetto life.Also there is alcohol involved.It makes me feel like a confident sexual baller, which is a rare feeling for a nerdy fellow like me…".
Sep 4, 2015, 5:03 AM
Citation Linktechcrunch.comTechCrunch launch article on UndergroundCellar highlights their business model, allowing for discount purchases of wine through a lottery system, and "cloud storage" of purchased bottles at the site's own cellars in Napa Valley
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Citation Linkundergroundcellar.comFor the holidays, UCellar lets you buy "Russian Roulette" gift cards!You don't know how much the gift card will be worth - very cool!
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