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Tysen Knight (born June 29, 1976) is an African-American artist.[1] [2] [3] He is most popularly known for his street art based on Buddha's teachings and pop art sense.[4] [5] [6]

Early Life

Tysen was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and grew up in New Jersey, where he finished high school.[1] Unlike his other two siblings, he decided to skip the idea of going to college and obtained his barbers' license instead.[7] He currently resides in the Palm Springs Area, California.[8]

As a teenager, Tysen communicated his artwork through graffiti on walls and vacant buildings.[9] He was hugely inspired by Andy Warhol.[10]

From an early age, Knight got hands-on drawing cartoons and airbrushing them on jeans for $25. He also created business logos.[7]


Tysen’s documentary, The Art Of Hustle: Street Art Documentary, was a success that motivated him to become a regular gallery contributor, from being a street artist.[11] [12]

The production of the documentary, The Art Of Hustle, began in October 2016. Tysen worked sixty hours a week at a barbershop, and when he got days off on Sundays and Mondays, he filmed the documentary for nine months straight.[13]

Knight directed the documentary to deliver the inspirational story about all the endeavors and dedication required to achieve goals and dreams and also shed a positive light on street art and graffiti.[14] [15] [16] His comedy touch was responsible in his first acting career in Epic movie (FOX)

He has also starred in "Nora's Hair Salon 2: A Cut Above."[16] Tysen is also a print model whose bill board is everywhere in Los Angeles.


Tysen Knight won the award for the category, Best Feature Film, at Oregon Documentary Film Festival, in 2018, for his documentary, The Art Of Hustle: Street Art Documentary.[14] [17] [18] [19] [6]

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