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Trent Lapinski

Trent Lapinski

Trent Lapinski is a Host of the Hacker Noon Podcast.[1]He is a tech executive, entrepreneur, journalist and technologist, based in San Francisco.

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Trent started his career in 2001 as a Graphic Coordinator/Producer in the Huntington Beach High School Media Program.

He also served as the CEO and Senior Editor at AppleXnet.com.

From 2006-2008, he worked as a Media Manager and Producer at Live Universe Inc. He also worked as an Internet Marketing and Web Developer at Playboy.

From 2009-2010, he served as a SEO and SEM Specialist at West Coast Clinical Trials.

In 2010, Trent founded CyberChimps Inc, a Responsive WordPress Theme design and development company.

In 2018, became the Co Host of Crypto Disrupted, a YouTube Channel and Podcast focused on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Currently, Trent is a Host of the Hacker Noon Podcast.



Trent studied Electronic Communications and Media at Orange Coast College, graduating in 20016.



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