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Discover Why an Ensenada Cruise Should Be Your Next Vacation

Discover Why an Ensenada Cruise Should Be Your Next Vacation

Are you looking for an adventure to relax your mind and enjoy a good time?

An Ensenada cruise can be the best outdoor adventure to try.

It’s a cruise where you will have a lot to do.

Some travelers spend weeks at the tourist attraction destination, and they never get bored.

Travelers love different adventures.

The destination has a wide range of adventures that make it easy for people from all walks of life to prefer the location.

For instance, it comes with Mexican foods to sample, water activities, and sightseeing adventures.

You will never lack something to see when in the tourist destination.

Here are the reasons why people visit Ensenada:

1. Shopping at Avenida Lopez Mateos

A stroll along Avenida Lopez Mateos brings travelers close to items they need.

It is a shopping street where a wide range of merchandise is sold.

People who would like to carry something back home can count on the destination.

Travelers can buy crafts, blackest, ponchos, dresses, and crafts.

Lovers on vacation can buy jewelry as gifts.

2. Enjoy Mexican dishes at Avenida Lopez Mateos

It’s good to make time to enjoy Mexican cuisine.

The destination has several cafes where local foods can be sampled.

People who would like to learn more about what locals eat will find the street very helpful.

A wide range of dishes are served by attendants who are ready to impress.

3. Watch the Malecon flag

A short lovely boardwalk along Ensenada bay allows travelers to see the flag.

It is a big flag many travelers believe is the biggest in the world.

At 300 feet high, it measures 28 meters wide by 50 meters long.

It brings about a scene where many travelers like to watch.

You can even get a delicious taco to truly enjoy the boardwalk as you see the sunset.

4. Visit the Prohibition Era Casino

The Riviera Del Pacifico building is located on the entrance of the stretch.

The grand building was a famous casino back in the 1930s to 1950s.

The architect took the time to put details into the casino.

It’s a casino that welcomed Hollywood stars such as Lucy and Desi Arnaz.

People from California were used to traveling to Ensenada so they could enjoy alcohol as they gambled during the prohibition era.

The casino was transformed into a cultural center with a history museum and an open-air theater.

It’s a place where travelers can spend hours on end.

A souvenir shop nearby serves those who would like to have something to remember about the location.

5. Visit History Museum of Ensenada

You can visit the location and learn about the town history.

People can learn about the history of Baja California and European arrival.

Exhibits available in the museum tell history through recovered beads baskets, pots, photo exhibits, and religious objects.

The garden around the cultural museum is worth the visit.

They are beautiful, with details that people interested in landscaping will find very inspirational.

Exhibits are showcased in Spanish and English to help people from all walks of life follow along quickly.

6. Go Whale Watching

Travelers visiting Ensenada between December and April can enjoy whale watching.

Grey whales migrate from Alaska to Baja, California, during this period.

Harsh winter during the months in Alaska makes the whales move.

Whale calves are born during these months.

It is a spectacle that many people would like to watch as they tour the location.

The friendly whales can swim to the boat and allow boaters to touch them.

They are among the friendliest whales in the world.

7. Visit La Bufadora

It is the world’s largest underwater blowhole.

People interested in learning more about marine geyser can visit the location and enjoy the outdoors.

Incoming tide gets sucked in and it then spits out, releasing air.

A quick cruise to Punta Banda Peninsula creates the perfect view of the blowhole.


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