Tom Ding

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Tom Ding is the CEO and Co-Founder of String Labs ​. [5] ​ He is based in San Francisco ​. [1]


Ding studied at Fudan University ​ and Shangdong University. [1] ​ He later earned his MBA at China Europe International Business School ​ in 2008. [1]


Early in his career, Ding was the CEO and Founder of Ding Lei Information Technology Company, Lead Developer at Embedded Internet Solutions, Marketing/BD Manager Trilogy Software, and Online Marketing at ​. [1] ​ In 2010, Ding joined eBay ​, first as the Sr. Product Manager for Greater China ​ and was later the Sr. Product Mananger in San Francisco ​. [1] ​ In February 2014, Ding became Co-Founder and CEO of Koinify, a crypto funding platform for decentralized projects. [1] ​ In addition, Ding was a Co-Founder of Blockchain University. Ding became the Co-Founder and CEO of String Labs, an open protocol studio, incubator and infrastructure provider for blockchain systems. [5] ​ Their projects include Dfinity ​ Decentralized Cloud, Phi Autonomous Commercial Banking, etc. [5]