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Thisis50 is a hip hop and pop culture blog community created in 2007 on the Ning platform by 50 Cent's new media department.

It was designed by 50's new media director Chris Broadway Romero as a destination for a restless Myspace audience and growing online hip hop audience hungry to consume and create content.

From its inception it was a site ran by 50's biggest fans with collaboration and moderation from 50's new media department led by Broadway and Corentin Villemeur (also known as "Frenchie").

Soon, the whole G Unit records staff became content creators and promoters for the site, expanding to events like the Thisis50 Fest, the 5 Borough Tour, and the ThisIs50 store, selling T shirts, artist merch, and special edition albums.

G Unit's midtown office became a content studio, producing interviews, live streams, web series, and news recaps to fuel the site with original programming, mixed in with daily pop culture news and new music releases from 50 and the G Unit camp.

By 2009 it was a top 3 hip hop web destination.



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