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Tereza Kačerová (January 3, 1993) is a Czechoslovakian model who appeared in Surfing Magazine's 2015 swimsuit edition. [1] [2] She also appeared in Goose Magazine. In late April, 2018, she wrote a letter that she released on her instagram where she reveals her romance with the late electronic musician, Avicii. [3] [4]

Tereza Kačerová kissing Avicii.


Early Life

Kacerova was born in Prague, Czech Republic and raised in the United States. [5] She lived in the state of Vermont for many years during her early years. [6]

Tereza Kačerová on a hammock.


Tereza started modeling as a late teenager and in her early 20s, she began to appear on the front cover of magazines. She was on the front cover of Surfing Magazine in 2015 and later on in Goose Magazine. [7] [8] [9]

She has done several modeling campaigns in Europe and that United States. [10]

Modeling photo of Tereza Kačerová in a swimsuit.


While staying busy with her modeling work, she also worked as an actor on several projects. She has appeared in several music videos including Maroon 5's "Maps". She has also appeared in an episode of Ballers and has had parts in movies such as Patriots Day and The Madness Within. [11] [12]

In The Media

Avicii's Death

Days after the death of Electronic Musician, Avicii, Kacerova revealed to the press about their secret romance. She and the artist known as Avicii made their relationship hidden from the rest of the world in order to avoid the madness of his fame. She states that Avicii and her son were getting along very well, and that her son began to see Avicii as his father. [13] [14]

Letter written about the death of Avicii by Tereza Kačerová.

Weeks after sharing her letter about the loss of Avicii, Kacerova opened up about the drastic amount of trolls she has continued to receive on the internet. Internet trolls have accused Kacerova in being complicit in the death of the eclectic electronic musician. [15]

Personal Life

Kacerova is the last woman to have had a romantic relationship with the famous electronic musician known as Avicii. [16]

She has a son named Lucas that she had in her early 20s. [17]

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