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Tami Bella , also known as Tammy Weeks , is a Virginia ​ resident known for being the mother of Nicole Lovell, who was murdered in January, 2016. [2] [3]

Photo of Tami Bella with her friend.

Personal Life

Weeks was born and raised in the state of Alabama ​ for most of her upbringing. She grew up in the city of Auburn where she lived there until 1990. She is a graduate of Auburn High School Tigers ​. At some point after high school, she moved to the state of Virginia, and lived in the city of Dublin.

She has lived in the city of Blacksburg for many years where she has raised her daughter, Nicole Lovell. She also graduated from college with a degree in Virginia along with also building a career there too.

When she was a baby, her daughter Nicole was diagnosed with a rare tumor on her liver. At only 10 weeks old, she would go on to receive a liver transplant. Years later when she was the age of four years old, she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and developed acute respiratory distress syndrome. She go on to be  in coma for the next 6 months of her life. She developed MRSA as a

Tami Bella with her daughter, Nicole Lovell ​.



In 1991, she graduated from the New River Community College ​ in Virginia ​.

Nicole Lovell

Weeks is the mother of Nicole Lovell, a girl who was allegedly murdered by Virginia Tech ​ student named David Eisenhauer ​. On the night of January 27, 2016, when Weeks went to go check on her daughter, Nicole, she realized that she wasn't there. She proceeded to call her neighbors who alerted the police. Nicole was then reported missing.

Days later, her body was found stripped naked near Surry County, North Carolina, which is in the border with the state of Virginia.

The main perpetrator in the death of Nicole is Eisenhauer. He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, abduction and concealing a dead body. He has pleaded not guilty.

Photo of Tami Bella sitting up front during the trial concerning the murder of daughter Nicole Lovell ​.


On Tuesday, February 6th, 2018, the trial began in the case regarding the murder of Lovell. Reports in the case states that the perpetrator being charged, Eisenhauer, with the help of his accomplice, Natalie Keepers ​, kidnapped Nicole and took her out into the woods. While there, the two where making up their minds as to how to commit the murder. At first they thought about making it look like it was a suicide, but then decided to go with their original plan, which was to come from behind Nicole and slit her throat. According to Keepers, she was not there for the murder.

Eisenhauer is being accused of kidnapping and slitting the throat of Nicole Lovell and leaving her in the woods to die in the snow.

During the day of the trial, Weeks sat front and center on public gallery of Montgomery County Circuit Court in Christiansburg, Virginia, as the trial took place.

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