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Sweta Patel is an American entrepreneur ​and author ​based in Mountain View, California. She has consulted for more than 200 early-stage startups ​and high-growth companies. [10] [1] [12]


Patel graduated from University of California, San Diego ​ with a Bachelor of Science ​ in marketing. [10] ​ While at UCSD, she participated in the San Diego Ad Club, was President of Roteract Club and Nutrition Club.​ [10]


Early beginnings

She started her journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 21 when she set out to help young women achieve their goals related to careers and relationships. Patel then aspired to write three books and use them as the catalyst for the growth of a strong community of young women. [1]

At the age of 23, Patel started her first marketing business​. As founder and chief executive officer​ of Global Marketing Tactics, she helped train small business owners on how to market on a small budget. She built a certification program for small business owners and startup founders so they could amplify their reach. [1]

After working at an incubator for over a year in Paris​, Patel then moved to Silicon Valley​ where she started working with portfolio startups from the top accelerators. [1]


Patel has been featured on The Huffington Post​, Futureshark, Entrepreneur, Influencive, and Richtopia​. [1]


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