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Dora Sukey Cáceres Novogratz is an American Entrepreneur ​ who sits on the board of The Kitchen ​. [1] [2] ​ She is also an author who has co-written a book about meditation called, Just Sit . [3]

Photo of Sukey Caceres Novogratz at a benefit for The Kitchen.


Early Life

Sukey was born and raised in the state of Pennsylvania ​ to Puerto Rican ​ parents. [4] ​ Her father was Dr. Mario Caceres, and her mother, Dora Nee Matta, survives him. She grew up in the city of Lansdale ​. [5]


Photo of Sukey Caceres Novogratz and her husband, Mike Novogratz ​ with friends.

Sukey graduated from Princeton University ​ with a Bachelor's ​ degree in Anthropology ​. She is a graduate of 1989. She is also an alumni of the

Association of Latino Princeton Alumni. [6]


Sukey has worked a number of jobs since graduating from Princeton University related to non-profit organizations. [7] [8]

She is currently the director of The Kitchen ​, which helps support innovative artists in New York City by providing exhibition and performance opportunities. [9] [10] [11]

She is also the director of Joyful Heart Foundation, founded by actress Mariska Hargitay to address sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. [12] [13]

Sukey Caceres Novogratz with her husband, Mike Novogratz ​.

Personal Life


Sukey and Mike Novogratz ​ were setup on a blind date in the early 1990s. The two Princeton alums would tie the knot a few years. The two have four children together. [14]


Sukey has traveled around the world meditating with experts. She has been influential to her husband who has since taken meditation himself. [15] [16]

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